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In my view at least, Billy the Bee’s article on Harry Forrster’s ‘mannerless’ transfer to Doncaster Rovers, hit the nail on the head regarding how not to conduct yourself when leaving a football club… And from a Bees fans’ perspective, from Brentford Football Club in particular.

We’ve become accustomed to our better players upping sticks and leaving for pastures bigger, better or with increased potential during the club’s darker days, indeed not standing in a players’ way when a decent transfer arises has become one reason why a starlet should sign for our club in the first place.

You can’t tell me that Jake Bidwell or Adam Forshaw, to name but two, weren’t reassured that we’d allow them to leave with our blessing as and when that time comes. That must have been a factor in them moving from Everton, perhaps even an incentive.

Players will justifiably want to perform at the very highest level again one day, and if its not with Brentford, then it will be because they’ve used us as a stepping stone. Everyone can be happy… Perhaps not be delighted, but at least happy.

Simon Moore has emerged from sunbed and his switch to Cardiff with a huge amount of respect from the Griffin Park faithful… He signed a new contract, which meant we would get a decent fee, and was in full communication with Uwe, meaning the manager could prepare for any imminent departure.

Two factors that when combined add up to the perfect loss… Yes, if we are to lose a quality player, it stings that much less if its done with honour.

Dave Lane