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There’s an old saying about “Out of the mouths of babes”………and how true it is.

So let us think for a moment of the latest interview from Youth Team defender Audrius Laucys, a member of the 2012 Junior Section Milk Cup winning team.

While not suggesting that at the age of 17 he is “a babe”, he makes an interesting point for us probably older, wiser (??) and more cynical supporters.

Talking about playing in the Milk Cup this year, Audrius points out that to win the cup the Bees’ youngsters had to play CSKA Moscow, Liverpool and Everton – and this year, among others they’ll have to take on Portuguese giants Benfica.

“Benfica will be a really good challenge,” he says. “(But) it doesn’t matter about the names of the team we are playing – it is about the players……and we have good players. We have got a good team and good staff.”

Transfer that to the first team, and Audrius’s points should be taken on board. This year, in The Championship, we’ll be facing teams such as Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Blackburn, Middlesbrough and many others of similar stature – all so-called “big name” teams.

We are all there by right – last year’s Premiersh*te clubs Norwich, Fulham and Cardiff alongside Wolves, Brentford and Rotherham. We are all where we deserve to be – equally. We have all earned the right to be (I still love hearing it)……Championship sides.

So let’s remember – it doesn’t matter about the names of the team we are playing – we have got a good team and good staff.

Out of the mouths of babes? This interview gives me even more hope on top of my natural optimism – I reckon we’ll do quite well this coming season……and I still predict we’ll end up in 10th place.

Larry Signy

* Audrius and the rest of the youth team in this year’s Premier Section of the Milk Cup? Let’s make it a double for Brentford’s good teams and good organisation.