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Football fans have decided to make a real push to try and get more tickets for ALL the clubs playing in the Playoffs – Brentford, Swansea, Lincoln, Blackpool, Newport and Morecambe. 


Just over a week ago, Leicester played Chelsea in the FA Cup final. This game took place two place two days BEFORE the relaxing of lockdown measures but 21,000 lucky fans were still lucky enough to have witnessed a thrilling final in which Leicester won the FA Cup for the very first time.

Two weeks later, the match deemed as ‘the richest game in football’  – The Championship Final – is due to be played in front of only 10,000 Brentford and Swansea fans. The Division One and Division Two playoff finals between Lincoln and Blackpool and Morecambe and Newport will have a similar cap on fans.

The reasoning behind the lower capacity is inexplicable if you consider the match that took place only two weeks earlier. At one stage there was talk of moving the date of the playoff final to accommodate the Champions League final. This match which also due to hold in excess of 20k fans


So why is the number lower for EFL club competitions? 

We have no idea. 

Maybe Premier League Bias can be cited. It’s ludicrous have a policy in place that – in it’s very essence – gives out a message that EFL Fans are more likely to catch and spread the disease than Premier League fans

We all know this is not true. And we don’t by any means think the authorities do either. But we do think the situation is rather peculiar.

As the FA Cup final was made a ‘test’ event, it allowed the authorities to let 21,000 fans through the turnstiles. 

If the issue is the fact that the Playoff matches are NOT test events, then why not simply make them test events? 

That would be the easiest way of increasing the capacity to 21k which is still under 25% of the capacity of a rather large Wembley stadium. 

If they can allow a capacity crowd sitting shoulder to shoulder inside The Crucible for the snooker, the idea of having 25% of capacity in a large outdoor venue like Wembley is not unreasonable or any more of a health risk. If anything, because the match is outside it’s less risky.

Fans have started a petition to try and get more supporters in the stadium. 

No matter what club you support, this is something it would be great if you could get behind it and share with as many people as possible


Hopefully, the fans will be able to push this through.

The more fans at the games, the enjoyable the match not only for people in the stadium but also viewers watching on TV – as we saw over the last week.

There was some incredible football played

And some unbelievable atmospheres. 

Lets make this happen