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Brentford travel to Craven Cottage on Friday for the big West London Derby against Fulham

With the coronavirus scare hitting pandemic levels, the word on the Beesotted streets made the crew question whether the match would take place this weekend.

But it’s game on !!!!

The Beesotted crew assembled in enemy territory – The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith (on the border of Fulham) – to discuss loads of stuff:
The Sheffield Wednesday 5-0 trouncing and how it reinforced Brentford’s DON’T PANIC theory
Which Bees player did NOT touch the ball in the ten-player pass than led to Brentford’s 4th goal against Wednesday?
We discussed football’s coronavirus plan of action and what is likely to happen in the football league over the next few months of Coronavirus gets worse in the UK

Plus With Fulham guest Abdul (@OuiAbdul) in the pub with us we found out a few interesting things :

Fulham fans actually DO care about Brentford. And are petrified of meeting us in the playoffs
After the mach at Griffin Park this season in which Brentford won 1-0, Fulham fans think Benrahma is a right winker
Bunking into Craven Cottage is actually really easy
Plus Abdul proudly admitted he has a clapper collection back at home
In the pub
Billy TheBee Grant
Dave Laney Lane
Matt The Allard Allard
Dr Katie Bee Graham
Abdul (@OuiAbdul) from Fulham