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I was in the Paddock on Saturday and at half time a fairly significant piece of news was given out over the tannoy by Chris Gammon (director at BFC and Lionel Road Developments)  regarding our move to Lionel Road.

It was a bit muffly but what I did catch could herald one of the most important decisions of the season for the Bees. It was said, I believe, that the agreed Hounslow planning permission goes forward to Mayor Boris Johnson’s office in two weeks, and he then has two more weeks to make a decision whether or not to back it.

So – in a month’s time it could be another big step forward before it goes to the Secretary of State. As I can’t see Eric Pickles overturning Hounslow Council and the mayor – I reckon that Boris’s thumbs-up will literally be 3-nil up and two minutes to play.

Chris also stressed that all of us still has a part to play in getting the correct approvals. So can I also urge everyone to keep an eye on the official Brentford and BIAS sites (there will also be updates here on Beesotted.co.uk) , where they will be giving details of what we can do – and when.

As I say – it could be the most important result of the season and as supporters, we mustn’t let Mr Benham’s team down.

Larry Signy