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Final home game of the season for Brentford. The gods have blessed us – making sure the season didn’t end up petering out with a game like (with all due espect) Rotherham or Bolton.

We welcome Fulham to Griffin Park in what is set to be a rather steamy affair.

The Bees’ six game unbeaten streak had come to a halt up at Hull. Meanwhile, a good run of form meant Fulham had escaped relegation and were hanging just above the drop zone.

The Beesotted crew assembled in the  Euston Flyer on the Euston Rd – just down from Kings Cross and Euston  Station – after coming off the train from Hull, to discuss The Hillsborough Inquiry, the MK Dons and Hull games … plus we also had a chat with the Magic Mod (http://www.themagicmod.com) about the forthcoming Fulham game.

In the pub

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick Carthew
Martin The Dutchman Holland

On the phone: The Magic Mod (@TaylorMod)

0m – Intro

5m 57 sec – Fans in the pubs discuss MK Dons and Hull matches

10m 05 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Hull and MK Dons matches

15m 04 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Hillsbrough Inquiry and what the potential implications may be

31m 09 sec – Short recap on accounts, lionel rd and scouting conversations and articles of the last two weeks

42m 18 sec – Interview with Fulham Fan the Magic Mod  (@taylormod) about the match at the weekend

55m 15 sec – Beesotted crew chat Fulham match

1hr 03m 30 sec – END

Magic Mod can be found by clicking here. 

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