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So here we are again.

Brentford are completely in charge of their own destiny in the hunt for Championship football. With just four games remaining we are SEVEN points clear of Leyton and EIGHT clear of Rotherham and Preston. There’s a good chance we are up without kicking a ball again.

Relatives, friends, colleagues and random commuters on the train have all this week asked me if Brentford are up yet – my response has been the same – “Even we will struggle to balls this up”

The truth is, I simply can’t see this current squad falling short. We are high on quality coupled with a solid will to win. The squad is peppered with magicians and warriors, men of pride, men of ambition.

Our visitors to Griffin park on Friday are Preston North End. A good team, but a team we have already beaten well this season. Away from home. The doom-soaked panic mongers among the Brenford faithful are already shitting bricks because PNE stuck six past Carlisle at the weekend whilst we lost 1-0 at Swindon. Preston also recently lost 1-0 at Swindon. They are beatable. And we have the home form and the players to beat them.

Preston will be up for the game as there are still small embers of automatic promotion in the fire for them. So we need to be up for it too. On the pitch and in the stands.

We need Clayton attacking at pace. We need Marcello battling and striking the ball home with aplomb. We need Jake overlapping, Dougie plugging the gaps, Alan McCormack at his tenacious ball-breaking best. They’ve done this all season, no reason to suspect it won’t happen now.

On Friday, Orient are at Crawley and Rotherham are at Wolves. Away games. Banana skins. Death matches. Games where they might just settle for a point as they jostle for position in the play off roster. And every point that they drop means a point less needed by us.

If Brentford win we move to 90 points. 90 blooming points. Preston won’t be able to catch us. Even if both Rotherham and Orient win, they’d be seven points behind with three to play. And Orient play Wolves on Monday.

We’ve got a job to do on Friday. Another test of the mettle. I believe we can do it – I’ve believed it all season. Make sure you are there to witness it. To sing your heart out for the lads and to clap them from the pitch with another three points in the Breadman’s bag. I might even have a little cry while I’m doing it.

Come on you Reds