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Brentford elder statesman, Larry Signy, takes a quill from his leather-topped writing bureau, dusts off some parchment, and pens a congratulatory piece which gives a large pat on the back to Charlie Adams.

Congratulations to Charlie Adams on his promotion from Development Squad to the Bees’ first team.

With Jake Reeves, that means we’ve now got two former juniors who’ve ‘made it’ in recent seasons, with King Kev (from a previous generation and extending his contract by a year recently), making that three. We all hope it’s just the start of a continued, steady stream.

In 19-year-old Charlie’s case, there is an added bit of pride that he started off in the lower Brentford ranks after being spotted playing Futsal with The Bees Community Sports Trust – another triumph for the Trust..

He has already enjoyed a touch of first team football (and proved he was up to standard), and apart from the obvious boost to the team (and Charlie himself), this move will give tremendous encouragement to our other up-and-coming youngsters already at the club – or others considering whether or not to join us. It shows that Brentford is a club where young talent can be fostered and brought along at the right pace.

Apart from anything else, though, Charlie’s promotion is a sign that all the work being put in behind the scenes is at last starting to show signs of fruition.

We’ve have always been told that Sir MB’s aim was to find youngsters – as young as even nine – and bring them through the ranks to first team with one eye on possibly selling them at a profit to be replaced by the next in line. That way would help the club maintain financial stability, while keeping a continual flow of talent that will achieve the ultimate aim of being a steady high-rolling club in the Championship, or even, as has recently been mooted, even in The Premier League. Well, if Swansea, Cardiff and Wigan can do it – why no Brentford?

So well done to Charlie and all those who’ve helped you move along to the next step in what we hope will be a glittering career.

Larry Signy