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That is the question Brentford fan Jason Wils is asking himself when he thinks about the last few years.

This team the club and us the fans, are on the verge of the greatest achievement we have ever witnessed, “Premier League survival”.

But yet it somehow still feels somewhat surreal and a complete pinch-fest, I mean Brentford beating the European and world champions on their own turf ! 4-1 do me a favour, pull the other one it’s got bells on it…

If it’s one thing the last few years have tought me and us, is that you never know what surprises lay ahead, its very exciting but also very daunting.

So you might find it strange to hear that I am not just filled with excitement and pride, but also a certain amount of fear too ! I believe that this fear is keeping me grounded and is allowing me to enjoy this fantastic experience, but also keeping my feet well and truly on the ground.

Who knows where or what we will be in a few years time, as we know time can move so fast, and can pass you by if you allow it to.. yes I am enjoying our success and new found stardom, do we deserve it hell yes, and long may it continue.

I don’t what this fear inside to overshadow the fantastic things we are doing, I think we are in such a incredibly lucky position, the stars have aligned and we are watching a brilliant team run by a amazing group of people at the club.

I’m just trying to keep things real I suppose, will this bubble burst ? And if so how big of a bang will it be ? Who knows ? I’m not here trying to predict anything, as I say it’s just a fear, a fear I will carry around with me , maybe it helps make the better days that much sweeter.

So as we start to knock down every record this club has built up, and replace them with shiny new ones, be it new signings, new record score lines, a new stadium or even a new league position, the dream is well and truly alive.

They say that the mistakes we make in life and the hurdles we have to come across, help teach us valuable lessons, and make us stronger and better equipped, for what life has to throw at us, and I believe this to be true,

Enjoy the ride everyone! As we will never know when it will stop, this is our time in the sun, the only question is, will it be a long weekend away in ibiza? Or will we be emigrating somewhere permanently sunny?

Do we have the courage to hold on to our dreams YES ! Its takes courage to bee different and bee unique, which Brentford is, this club has a brand new shiny outside, but its fundamentally what’s inside that matters, the fans who loved this club in good times and bad, are the ones that are going to shape the future, our future.

So let’s get that chewed up Biro out, and write our new history, because nothing’s written until its written.

Come on you Bees 🐝🐝

Jason Wils

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