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Hounslow Counsellors approved the plans for Brentford Football Club to build a new stadium on the Lionel Road wasteground in a marathon planning meeting at Hounslow Civic Hall Thursday night.

The meeting was well attended with in excess of 500 Brentford fans with a sprinkling of objectors in the crowd there to make their presence felt.

The event was live broadcast by Beesotted on their – the first time we have ever done anything like that. And apart from the early hiccup when the internet feed went over-capacity and shut us out, everything went fairly swimmingly and we were able to broadcast the last 2 hours of the meeting without a hiccup. People also followed proceedings on our – look back if you want a bit of a giggle.

All in all it was a long and drawn out affair peppered with the odd lively moment – usually when one of the Conservative MP objectors uttered something fairly derogatory or uttered a sweeping generalisation. One of their key battle moves was they felt that the new stadium should not be in Brentford at all as the majority of Brentford fans seem to live out of the Brentford area – even as far as Norway.

In the end, the decision went Brentford’s way when two of the conservative MPs voted actually voted for the stadium move to reinforce the votes from the Labour MPs.

Next step – convincing Boris and his crew at the mayors office. But that’s for another day. Let’s enjoy the moment.

Beesotted will bring you a video report from the meeting and a more up-to-date report on the proceedings on Friday. But in the meantime it looks like its onwards and upwards for the mighty Bees.

Now lets smash Carlisle and draw Man United away in the FA cup so we can get that one out of our system.