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Brentford’s new stadium bid organizers, and the hundreds of fans who had turned up to the Hounslow Civic Centre to witness the Councilor’s questioning and final decision, faced a grueling Thursday evening, but thankfully, just before midnight, Brentford Football club were handed the news that their plans for a new stadium had been given the green light.

Few Bees fans present would have ever witnessed an event such as this, with local politicians split almost totally down party lines – Labour Councilors voted for Lionel Road, and, all but one Conservative Councilor voted against the development.

But, after listening to some quite mind-numbing, petty, naïve accusations and concerns from opponents – who wandered so off track from voicing legitimate concerns they made themselves sound irrational at times – common sense prevailed and the Bees won the day.

On behalf of all Brentford fans we would like to thank the team who presented the club’s case for Lionel Road in such a professional, impressive, calm and measured fashion. You did the club proud

There is still a colossal amount of work ahead before the new stadium is a reality, and consultation needs to start straight away between the club and fans to ensure Lionel Road is a special place not a soulless new prefab, but for the moment, let’s enjoy the moment and think positive.

There will be more reaction to this landmark decision on besotted.co.uk later today The post-decision video available to view here.

Dave Lane