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Beesotted contributor Tebissimo believes that this team is committed to success and we as fans should get 100% behind the team win, lose or draw

Football is an industry. Fans are customers. Footballers are professions. Yet, football is a passion; fans are supporters; footballers are just doing a job that they have the skills to do. As I get older, I can’t help but question our opinions of the game, players and our team.

Take a step back. Look at your own industry, your own customers, your own profession. How seriously do you take your job? How much do you love what you do? How much pressure do you feel?

Footballers have the “benefit” of doing something that many people “love”. I suggest, that just as with anything in life, there are things you hate; things you don’t like doing; things you didn’t “sign up” for. You may just be in a position where you were good at it at 18, and now that’s your career.

Just like any talent, when you make money out of it, there will be various things that are outside your comfort. How would you deal with Thousands of fans chanting “It’s alllllllll your faaaaault”, when you’re just trying to catch a ball? How would you deal with fan outrage when you make one mistake in your job? How would you deal with the pressure of having your career and future depending on a handful of 90 minute battles?

It is what it is, and like anything: if you don’t like it, don’t do it. But regardless, the fact of the matter is that footballers have their own personal gremlins to deal with; their own challenges to overcome. Some, I’m sure view promotion as a negative. Would you want to play your way out of a job?

Therefore, there are many criteria – other than football skills – which need to be taken into consideration. This is what Brentford is getting right. Warburton, with his City Trading background, clearly understands this. Bringing a driven, motivated and talented group together and getting the best out of them.

With Brentford doing everything they can (I firmly believe this) to do the right things, we as fans need to continue to do the same. They need the same encouragement, the same passion all the way through. “All the way through” because, if we go 1-0 down, or lose a game, so be it. If we don’t get promoted, we take it on the chin. Gone are the days where we have players which aren’t giving everything they can to make this happen.

Everything Brentford are doing is right. Let’s enjoy the output (whatever it may be), and try and swing that last % in our favour by getting behind the lads!

We’ll sing on our own……