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We’re exactly half way through the season and what a season it’s been.

Having seen Brentford play every team so far this season, I thought it would be interesting to get people’s thoughts on the best team we had played all season as well as the worst team and the best away day. And compare notes at the end of the season.

Naturally, this will never be 100% accurate. Some teams get better as the season progresses (like Brentford) .. other teams get worse as the season progresses (like Forest) .. and it really depends on what form they (and you) are in on the day.

The awayday is not necessarily judged on the result .. but on various factors .. the journey … the home fans interaction .. the pubs .. the stadium .. the atmosphere … whatever made it a good day out for yourself

Here are my thoughts on the best and worst teams .. and best an worst away day. But please don’t let this cloud your judgement.

Best team
Ipswich: They totally did their homework on us. They were organised. Strong at the back. Contained us up front. Their strikers knew where the goal was and when they hit us on the break they hurt us. Murphy and McGoldrick were hard to handle up front. Ando was a pest down the right. Tabb was a pain down the left. Yes we had 65% possession but somehow they didn’t allow our midfielders to rampage as other teams like Derby, Wolves and even Ipswich (who beat us 3-0) let us do. They had our number and were only undone by Brentford’s ‘never say die’ attitude which saw us score 2 goals in the final 10 minutes. I’ll be very surprised if they weren’t in the playoffs at the end of the season but more likely top 2 candidates based on that performance.

Second best team
Middlesbrough: This is a difficult one as Brentford really didn’t turn up that day. Boro didn’t impress me in the same way as more stylish teams like Watford and Norwich did. But one thing they were was functional and dangerous. Big. Tough. Direct. With a couple of decent goalscorers in Bamford and Leadbetter. And seeing how they have gone on to keep their heads above the parapet this season, they are obviously as consistently functional as they looked when we went up there.

Third best team
Ipswich fans won’t be happy with this but Norwich looked decent when they came down to Griffin Park. We had the lions share of possession against them and Ruddy in goal played an absolute blinder to keep the game even stevens well into the 2nd half. Brentford could have easily been 3-0 up in this game. However, when Norwich turned the screw on 70 minutes, they moved to another level and we saw how players like Cameron Jerome can destroy you when he is on the money.

Third place for me could have just as easily gone to Derby who, based on their first half performance, looked a very decent side. And Watford also looked quality when we played them. However, there was something about Norwich’s 15 minutes at the end .. away from home .. which made me think that this team could do damage. Bournemouth have obviously got better as the season has gone on as I thought they were OK when they beat us at Dean Court .. but I wasn’t overawed as I thought they were wasteful in front of goal. I actually thought two sides not doing so well – Brighton and Huddersfield – were decent when we played them. Brighton were lacking up front.

Worst team
This is actually really tough. Surprisingly it wasn’t the obvious choices. Blackpool weren’t the worst for me. Neither were Brighton. Wigan were quite poor but not the worst and neither were Rotherham – although they weren’t great. For me the worst team we played. Cardiff could have qualified if it wasn’t for their 2nd half display against us.

The worst teams for me flip between Birmingham, Leeds and Reading with probably Birmingham just about winning the award from Leeds. We absolutely battered them with 10 men in the 2nd half and they looked clueless on how to deal with it.

Best away day
For me, way out there was Middlesbrough despite losing 4-0. And a big surprise that was too. We found a couple of excellent left-field boozers in The Twisted Lip and Sherlocks which wouldn’t be out of place in certain parts of East London .. and their fans we’re the friendliest we came across. If there was a 2nd place, Nottingham Forest would be there for me. Great pre-match vibe .. and the atmosphere in the away end and the match itself (we won 3-1) were both incredible.

Worst away day
No contest. Bolton. Horrible journey. No pubs anywhere near the stadium. Big soul-less stadium in the middle of no-where. Terrible atmosphere. We lost. Wont be going back there in a hurry.

Let us know your best and worst teams so far this season .. and best and worst away-days ….