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Championship roundup. Billy Grant and Dave Lane look back to Brentford’s match against Wigan at the weekend.

We also look at the Championship promotion race. And how did the results at the weekend affect the top of the table.

Brentford released nine B team players this week. Is this a reflection that the B team project has stalled? Is it that the standard has risen since the project started? Or is this to be expected?

Plus we chat to Ollie from SE7 pod on the latest happenings at Charlton.

And we look forward to the midweek matches. And assess five thirty eight’s end of season position predictions which predicts the top six being Leeds (1), West Brom (2), Brentford (3), Fulham (4) and Forest (5) and Cardiff (6).

With Leeds predicted to gain three more wins and a draw to finish top with a 96% chance of bring promoted.

West Brom predicted to gain three more wins to finish second with 15% or so chance of dropping out of the playoffs.

And Brentford predicted to gain three wins and a draw to finish third with a 64% chance of being promoted either automatically or via the playoffs.

We ask how accurate are those predictions?

Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight Championship Predictions. Monday6th July 2020

We also assessed the upcoming matches for the top three – predicting which matches we expected Brentford and their rivals to win, draw and lose.

And which matches could produce results that could upset the statisticians’ predictions.

Leeds fixtures

West Brom fixtures

Brentford fixtures

Fulham fixtures

Forest Fixtures

Cardiff fixtures