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The first ever Beesotted “Best and Worst of the Season” survey threw up some interesting perspectives from the terraces.

Our West London rivals Fulham featured heavily – finding themselves at the top of a number of the polls.

Little did our old foes realize when Brentford fans tweeted photos of their fans crying on the terraces at the end of last season that our long overdue meetings this season would bring so much more joy and celebration to the TW8 region.

We covered a plethora of subjects in the survey including Best overall matchday experience, worst football match (on the pitch), best ground, most welcoming fans at away matches, best Brentford pub, best Beesotted video moment, best Pride of West London podcast, most effective slogan, best beard best & worst moments of the season.

We have split the survey into three parts to make it easier to digest. Part 2 and 3 can also be found on www.beesotted.co.uk.

Best and Worst matches of the season

Unsurprisingly, Fulham (away) was overwhelmingly voted both best overall football experience of the season (60%) AND best on the pitch football match of the season (25%) by Brentford fans.

With fans describing it as the ‘best day ever .. all of it’, it’s obvious that this game is going to take some beating over the next few years.

Fulham (home) was the next best matchday experience of the season (8%) with the 2-1 win at Norwich 3rd place with 4% of the vote.

On the pitch, behind the Fulham away match, our 3-1 dispatching of Bournemouth (19%) was deemed the next best performance by the Bees all season with the 4-0 demolition of Wolves in 3rd place (11%).

Charlton (away) was deemed the worst day out for Bees fans (24%) with the 4-0 Boro league away defeat in 2nd place (13%) and the Cardiff home match in 3rd place (9%).

Fans felt that the team looked like ‘Brentford of old’ – not turning up and unable to string two passes together. It was also the 1st sign of the team obviously beginning to tire. The Warburton situation, which broke a few days before, was also highlighted as a reason why the atmosphere was so bad.

On the pitch, Boro away was narrowly voted best on-the-pitch performance by the Bees (27%) with Charlton away (25%) a close 2nd

Our Boro performance was described by one fan as “Defensively awful, attacking non-existend and 2nd in every single department” and that summed it up to a tee.

Best and Worst grounds visited

Designated the unofficial ‘big away day out’, Brighton away was overwhelmingly voted best stadium visited (24%). Fans were impressed with how Brighton went out the way to make away fans feel welcome.

“They really made you feel welcome with brentford videos playing and brentford logos above the bar.”

Surprisingly, Fulham was voted 2nd best stadium with 14% of the vote. Ironically, Craven Cottage was also voted worst stadium Bees fans had visited with 13% of the vote

Millwall, Birmingham, Blackpool and Reading’s grounds were all not held in high regard by Bees fans whereas Boro, Reading (the marmite factor), Leeds, Derby and Cardiff all impressed to a certain extent

Best fans.

Boro fans were narrowly voted best away fans to visit Griffin Park this season (17%) with Wigan a close 2nd (16%). Most Boro fans who came down to both games at Griffin Park were there for the party – arriving at the pubs early and taking part in good warm banter.

Meanwhile, Wigan fans came down and had a right good olde relegation party – highlighting the fact that Bees fans and Wigan fans were probably more similar that we at first thought.

One Bees fan commented about Boro fans

“Sold out their allocation for a 12:15 kick off during miserable January weather. Credit.”

And about Wigan fans.

“Came to party and enjoy day out even though they had been relegated. Genuine fans who follow through thick and thin who seemed impressed by how well we have done and played”

Blackpool, Leeds and Forest fans also got plaudits from Bees fans for their visit to Griffin Park

Meanwhile, Fulham fans were voted the worst away fans to visit Griffin Park. Ironically with clubs like Millwall and Leeds having terrible reputations, Fulham fans were the only fans to have actually caused trouble at Griffin Park this season.

Boro fans were like marmite with Bees fans – being loved and hated at the same time – being voted the 2nd worst fans to visit Griffin Park along with Blackpool, Rotherham and Leeds fans. The Boro experience obviously was vastly different depending on which Boro fan you met.

One Bees fan commented about Boro fans

“Arrogant, aggressive sods who looked down on Bees fans”

On our away trips, once again Boro fans were voted most welcoming fans for Bees fans (17%), closely followed by Brighton fans (15%).

Reading, Norwich, Bournemouth and Cardiff were all given the thumbs up by Bees fans on their travels

Interestingly, the fans who didn’t seem to win Bees fans over in the hospitality stakes included Birmingham, Sheffield Weds, Bolton, Wolves, Blackpool, Leeds and Hudderfield fans – all of which clocked only 1% of the vote for “Most welcoming away fans”.

You can check the results in full below:

  1. What has been the best match of the season (overall experience not just on the pitch)

1 best overall match







Fulham away
Every single thing about it. Pre-match boat to Putney. 6000 bees there and we smashed them! Fantastic game. Brilliant atmosphere.

Best day ever.

Boro playoff home

Yeah we lost. But it was by far the best pre-match atmosphere I’ve felt at Griffin Park. And Andre Gray’s goals produced the biggest sense of ecstasy felt in our tiny West London ground for many a year. Very proud of ‘little olde Brentford’ on the big stage!

Fulham home

Atmosphere in the build up. Tension throughout the match. And the noise created by the fans during it. Oh and I think some bloke scored towards the end which was okay as well. 

  1. What has been the worst match of the season (overall experience not just on the pitch) 

2 worst overall match








Boro away

Long drive and the team didn’t turn up

Millwall home

We as fans let the team down with a lack of atmosphere that day and it transcended onto pitch. There was fear in the air and there was no need to be. That resulting in a bad result and a bad atmosphere all round.

Charlton away

Performance on the pitch. Behaviour of supporters in front of me. Father being horrible to his son. Food & drink kiosks for away fans inadequate.

Just announced that Warbs was leaving. Everything was flat from the performance of the team to the fans’ reactions. Just a bad day out

3 – 0 defeat to a poor side. Everyone flat after the Watford disappointment 4 days before. Huge concerns about Warburton situation and Bees fans fighting amongst themselves. A sh*te part of london with no good pubs. It rained. Enough said?

Bolton away

Soul-less ground. Rubbish atmosphere. Herded into one “plastic” pub/restaurant not particularly close to ground to drink out if dirty plastic glasses.

Horrible, horrible, interminable journey. Appalling lacklustre performance against a poor team.  Crap tea. Loud music over the PA when they scored Alan Mac got injured. Caught a cough and cold from one of my travelling companions


  1. What has been the best football match of the season (on the pitch action only) 


3 best football match

3 best football match








Forest away

3-0 so early on against a team that was in the top 5 at the time was amazing. Team looked unstopable all game long.

Unbelievable performance put in with almost total domination at the home of 2 time former european champions. My little old club was feasting on big fish from here on in.

Derby home

I think this was the first real time that everyone associated with the club realised that we could not just hold our own but really compete at this level, against at the time a very good attacking derby side

Bournemouth home

We blew away the league leaders and in all honesty it could’ve been a lot lot more

Millwall away

Millwall away was a game was the first time in the season where i thought we had a chance of going far in this league . We didnt stop playing our passing game even after they came back into it.

Brighton home

End to end game with plenty of goals, twists and turns with both teams playing great football. A great atmosphere as well. It was this game when i realised that bfc were gunna have a good season and (thought at the time) we would easily finish in the top half of the table 🙂

Bournemouth away

End to end game with plenty of goals, twists and turns with both teams playing great football. A great atmosphere as well. It was this game when i realised that bfc were gunna have a good season and (thought at the time) we would easily finish in the top half of the table 🙂


  1. What has been the worst football match of the season (on the pitch action only) 



4 worst football match








Charlton away

Couldn’t string a pass together

We went back to the bad old days , no one turned up on the pitch and in my view the first real sign that the bees were beginning to tire in the season

We weren’t Brentford on that day

Boro away playoffs

It was inevitable but we totally capitulated in every way without a fight, which was so unlike anything we’d seen all year but maybe it needed to happen and i for one am glad we didn’t go up to the so called “promised land” of the premiership where money rules everything.

Millwall home

We thought we had won it before kick off and played poorly.

Boro away

Seeing our own players arguing with each other on the pitch and then some leaving to go home alone afterwards said it all about this performance. It was like the bad old days. Defensively awful, attacking non existent and second in every single department

Rotherham home

A pretty dreadful game, especially the first half. It was bloody cold too and a crap atmosphere. First game i had experienced where there was no standing ovation.


  1. The best ground/stadium visited this season


5 best ground









They really made you feel welcome with Brentford videos playing and Brentford logos above the bar. They even had a message in the toilets whisking us a safe journey home.

Excellent view. Not your typical new ‘lego’ stadium.

God I hope Lionel Road is something like this place. It’s like a mini wembley. There is even legroom when you sit down!

Beautiful stadium. Only knock is its a bit in the middle of nowhere

Great away end. Their club left nice messages to the away fans thanking us for travelling to the game and the stewards were friendly

The most impressive looking but lacked atmosphere


It was the biggest away section alongside great atmosphere. Even though we lost still a great day out

Premier league standard and the atmosphere was immense!


Proper old ground. Proper old atmosphere. You could see why they say a hostile home crowd is worth a goal’s start. Thankfully we had a strong ref not giving in to the pressure on him from players and fans.


M&S nearby for girlfriend


  1. The worst ground/stadium visited this season

6 worst ground








Felt like the floor could fall in

Coz it’s Fulham


The ground was in the middle of nowhere and was not nice to go to. I definitely will not be going there again.


Rough area. Awful fans. Glad we won’t be there next season.

The intimadation and the alleyway you have to go through from the station

Sheffield Weds

Looks tired. Needs a massive overhaul

The most soulless ground I’ve been to in ages. Nott close to the pitch either. Stewards were great though and I’m sure its better during big games


Stewards were idiots. Area shocking. Left very depressed. One crap pub local


Cant stand this stadium. No pubs nearby and I had the worst seat ever right at the back and on its own next to a pillar….bizzare!!



Tiny, little dingy place once inside. Nightmare getting there too.


  1. Who have been the best away fans to visit Griffin Park 

7 best away fans at GP









Filled their stand and a bit extra on a tuesday night


Good bunch of people, came for the football and the beer and nothing else. Very complimentary of the way we play football which is hard to do in defeat

Passionate, vociferous and didn’t stop making noise from the beginning to end. They did go a bit quieter when it was clear they were on to a beating!!

I thought the Wigan turnout and noise was also good seeing they had already been relegated.


Even though they went down, they did still sing and also had a bit of banter about their relegation. Clapped us after our play off achivement as well

Lovely bunch to chat to and coming all that way when already doomed after being a pre-season cert to go up. What a sh!t season they had but still smiling.

Despite relegation they still had a sense of humour.

Singing – Que sera sera

Whatever will be will be

We’re going to Shrewsbury!

Came to party and enjoy day out even though they had been relegated. Genuine fans who follow through thick and thin who seemed impressed by how well we have done and played. No signs of animosity from the Rosler/Forshaw spats. Good crowd.


Sold out their allocation for a 12:15 kick off during miserable January weather. Credit.

Actually out-sung us in our biggest game ever (playoff game)


After the season they have had, fair play to them for travelling down for a Tuesday night game only to see their team being hammered …. again.


Hands down the best fans I’ve seen. Nasty. Savage and a “take no prisoners” feel about it. I would imagine that in the 80’s…


Not too up themselves. Appreciated both us and them have come from the same divisions recently.


Very loud and good banter


It takes a lot of loyalty and balls to travel and watch that club at the moment.

To keep following that they must all be saints

Despite the situation they found themselves in they still had a large number come down to griffin park on a cold tuesday night! Respect!


Ipswich were cool and very friendly


  1. Who have been the worst away fans to visit Griffin Park

8 worst away fans at GP








Didn’t sing all game

Awful. Didn’t add to the atmosphere, shocking fans.


Disgusting. Starting fights. Running on the pitch. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Fulham fans. Shame they don’t have the same at atmosphere at Craven Cottage.

Aggressive at the station. Scared my daughter.

Moody and the only fans to have caused trouble.


Horrible fans. Think they are better than what they are. Rude to bar staff in the Princess Royal.


Once again, club who have seen big time but now fans are slowly drifting away because they are on the slide. Only hardcore fans came and it wasn’t pretty.


Can’t stand a team banging on about its history like they did constantly. As Warbs said it’s about the now not the history of these ‘big’ clubs.


Arrogant, aggressive sods who looked down on Bees fans

The police stood at Brook road and watched them leave and disperse straight down Braemar Rd where I was leaving with my family. We were getting coins thrown at us. They were calling us names and pushing other people. Right outside our gates….

Attitude- both in the league game ‘no disrespect to yous (sic) but our club shouldn’t be playing the likes of Brentford.’ and the playoffs- ‘I’ve already booked my trip to Wembley

Always big themselves up and it will backfire on them very soon! Too cocky!


1970 beer monsters grow up idiots

Some just look pure evil

In fairness, there were no really bad fans. Leeds fans had a bit of a hint of big club syndrome about them so they win.


Surly, sour, moaning fans

Sheffield Weds

That fat bloke dancing with his top off. Didn’t need to see that.


  1. Who have been the best/most welcoming fans at the away matches Bees fans have travelled to


9 most welcoming away fans









Good bunch of fans. Welcoming and just genuine nice people

Lovely. Helpful. Praising us and our team. Friendly banter on the side.

Staff all wearing Pride of West London tops was a nice touch. Also playing our promotion season review


Just all round good and friendly feel to the place. Good respect between fans too


No nastiness. Pleasant atmosphere and a good day out to enjoy. Great football on the pitch and a cracking place to visit. Only wish we had more games here in summer months.


Stayed in the town after and talked about the game. They weren’t annoying like Watford fans and weren’t taking the p!ss

Had the best night in their biggest pub

Massive difference from Ayresome Park days (Gruesome Park would be a better name). Very helpful fans and stewards and even welcomed us in their bar under the home stand afterwards in a gracious way. No problems and no gloating.


Friendly people out to enjoy the match regardless of what the outcome may be.

Top lass I met up there.


Always friendly. Shared an excellent pub with good local ales prior to the game.


Met some people up there in the pub. Played pool with them and then they walked us to the ground as we had no clue where it was. Top notch.