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Beesotted contributor Luis Adriano encourages the Bees to stay focussed and not worry about hitting ‘the wall’ as we approach the latter stages of the League One promotion race.

As the sun rises on this glorious April Sunday morning, I sit here at 6.30am, exercising my fingers by tapping keys on a laptop, aided by a 99p Easter Egg from Aldi*.

The other muscles and joints in my body remain rather redundant. Somewhere, not so far away, thousands of others are on their way to Greenwich for the start of the London Marathon. I’d love to do it one year but that will involve me becoming more Clayton Donaldson and less Adebayo Akinfenwa. For now, I’ll just keep tapping those letters on the keyboard.

A marathon though. Local boy, but shockingly a Gooner, Mo Farah is among those looking to complete this ridiculously long run. In fact, no doubt among those plodding the streets, there will be many with real Brentford FC connections. Ex-player, and for a limited while manager, Nicky Forster for example is running for www.thelilyfoundation.org.uk (donate here: www.justgiving.com/nick-forster). I’m sure there will be a few fans in there too.

Everyone in the marathon, from Mo to Nicky to our most out of shape fan to even more out of shape fans from other clubs, will all have done an awful lot of preparation. They will be looking at the 26.2miles as a whole with a focus on being able to finish the race in a time and position they aspire to. Some will make that time, some will not.

There will be moments in that whole marathon where they will have good half miles and times when they will have not so good half miles. It is where they finish that they will remember for eternity though. If they hit a bad period of the race, they’ll keep on running.

They may struggle if they fall apart for a sustained period. Maybe if they’re having a bit of a mid-race battle with a competitor and they are overtaken and the other runner celebrates like they’ve won the Olympics Marathon they may struggle, not know how to react and see that opponent race off further into the distance into an unassailable lead. They should just keep focused and make the next half mile better than the last.

Yes, well spotted, this is an analogy of a whole season in Sky Bet League One between August 2013 and May 2014.
Yesterday, for Brentford, was not a great half mile. It wasn’t as awful as some like to make out. We didn’t fall over, we were just not as fast as we wanted to be.

Please, please, please, just take a look at where we are in that race though as we see the finish line in sight (OK, pedants could work out that for the analogy to be mathematically correct it is actually 2.3 miles away).

Take a look at the fact that the points total we have means our Personal Best will definitely be shattered. Take a look at how far the runners behind us are. Take a peak behind and it’s hard to actually see them. When we planned our run before setting off on it, we would be delighted with our current time and placing. Defuckinglighted.

Yes, that East London runner that we overtook (and yes, it was us who celebrated as though we won the Olympics Gold) had a pretty fast last half mile but they are too far behind to catch us. They won’t keep that pace up and even if they did, we’re too far in front.

That Yorkshire runner in red? Take a look at its coach. How out of shape is he? They hit their peak a while ago and are now running out of steam. They won’t catch us either.

That Lancashire runner in white? Foolishly tried to keep up with the pace of East Londoner yesterday but that will just result in them having to enter the End of Marathon Mini-Marathon to see if they get a prize at the end of it.

There is then that Posh runner wearing Blue, who quite frankly set off too quickly when the race started and has since been looking for excuses every time it drops further and further behind. You certainly won’t be able to see them as they are so far behind that initial group of three chasing.

Keep on running Bees. There really is not that far to go. Yes, that runner in gold in front of us has pulled away a tad, but keep your eyes on him and kick on that bit harder. Keep the pace up and don’t fret about that last half mile. We are in such a great position, the buzz of the crowd cheering us on will pull us home ahead of our planned time and at least in our planned position.

Sky Bet League One 2013/14 is the marathon many of us have been waiting for. We’ve failed so many others before there might be an expectation that cramp is about to kick in. It’s not. Our coaching and medical team have everything sorted.

They are the best we ever had. Last year’s trip a metre before the finishing line was awful. It’s in the past though. We’ve learned from it to take nothing for granted and keep on running across that line.

Take nothing for granted. Ah fuck it, let’s still put our last half mile into context. Stevenage at home? How will that last half mile be? Basically we will need to outsprint someone running as a comedy ostrich. By then we might even have qualified for where we want to be. That could be party time. We are so in shape that the comedy ostrich will not trouble us.

So, best wishes to any Bees in the Marathon today. More so, best wishes to all Bees in the Marathon of this season. We’re in a position to enjoy with the race coming to a close. Enjoy it and then the celebrations will really begin when we cross that line on 3rd May.

Ps. I’m knackered after writing and visualising all that, where’s that Easter Egg gone?

*Easter eggs are available from many other retailers J.

Luis Adriano