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There’s been a lot of talk in the news about how, later today, the Chancellor, George Osborne, proposes to inject some growth into Britain’s stagnant economy and stimulate confidence that the future will become rosier for normal working people who are struggling with the spiralling cost of living – but whatever his little red box of tricks holds for the nation, one things is for sure, any new proposals made in Westminster today will not ease the burden on loyal Brentford fans who face massive outlay of their hard-earned between now and the end of the season.

With the season still promising to build towards a crescendo at Griffin Park on April 27th, and with the Beesotted Big Red Ball table already booked for the Sunday, pre-empting an extension to the promotion party from the night before, I can’t see myself missing a game. Like most hardcore Bees who have endured so much through the years, and have trudged away from northern outposts ‘wounded’ too many times to mention questioning ‘why do we bother?’, I don’t intend to miss a second of the action with promotion tantalisingly within reach.

But that’s gonna cost big time, compounded by the fact that my son is now of an age, and of an addiction, that he will want to come to most of them with me.

To their credit, Brentford FC have helped fans by covering the travel expenses to Sheffield this Saturday (the thought of being squeezed tightly in Jessica Ennis’ lower tier conjures up all sorts of delightful images) and the ticket prices at Bramall Lane are sensible compared to Hartlepool’s for the Bees’ penultimate fixture (£25… are you sure Monkey Hangers!), but the semi-subsidised trip to South Yorkshire is the last ‘state hand-out’ we can expect, and is negated by the fact that I had already bought a non-refundable/transferrable train ticket to Crewe for the original fixture against The Alex. The re-arranged Gresty Road fixture will be one made in the car I think, as the proposed Brentford Special just isn’t a consideration I’m afraid , not without extending my mortgage anyhow.

Hartlepool is another expensive one, train tickets were £70 return or there abouts, plus the ransom for a match ticket… Although we tucked in to the Groupsave £14 return to Coventry offer, which is a bargain if you ask me, my travel card to London costs just as much! Anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound, just five away matches and three home game separate us from out 2012/13 destiny if we avoid the play-offs… in which case there will be added expense, but let’s not think about that scenario until we absolutely have to.

Oh my God, and I’ve just remembered the Early Bird season ticket offer… Help me George, help me!

It’s a good job this team are worth every penny, isn’t it?

Dave Lane