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Join Billy Grant, Dave Lane, Savvy Bee, Matt The Allard and Liberal Nick as they sit down to discuss the polices for a new and successful Brentford.

It’s as quiet as a mouse out there. Players, managers, agents and well just about everyone is on holiday. Except not everyone … as it’s election time. And Beesotted got hold of the electoral candidates for the Brentford FC manor to hear the policies that they wanted to put forward to fans in the Brentford FC constituency to try and win their votes.

Linking up at the villagey Cross Keys pub in Stamford Brook .. just off King Street … were:

Billy Grant – Conservatory Party

David Lane – U Git party

Savvy Bee – Green Party

Matt The Allard – Liberal Demographic Party

Liberal Nick – Layabouts Party

.. where they discussed ethical lighting at Brentford. Brentford exiting the Championship (#CHEXIT). The proposed One in/One out policy in the Braemar Road toilets. Players wives having to have “Hey Jude” tattoos on their arms. The free movement of fans at half time. Plus lots more.

Also more seriously, they talked about Brentford FC Ins and outs so far … Griffin Park concerns … and Bees players in international action for England, Wales, Denmark and St Kitts.

0m – Intro

9m 19 sec – Introduction to the political candidates for the Brentford FC constituency. Beesotted crew discuss Brentford FC new signings

23m 30 sec – Dave Lane of The U-Git party gives his manifesto

27m 40 sec – Savvy Bee of The Green party gives his manifesto

30m 31 sec – The Allard of the Liberal Democratic Party gives his manifesto

37m 37 sec – More Brentford chat. Players out. Concerns over contracts not being signed. Will Brentford get money from Andre Gray is he is sold?

1hr 02 min 35 sec – Liberal Nick of the Layabouts party gives his manifesto

1hr 08m 34 sec – BillyTheBee of The Conservatory party gives his manifesto

1hr 14m 52 sec – Brentford players on international duty and Outro.


You can vote for your best election rant on twitter by following these links:

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