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Bees fan and journalist, Jim Levack, calls the past two days ‘watershed’ moments and takes stock after a couple of important interviews have been published – Beesotted’s exclusive with Brentford owner Matthew Benham – and Greville Waterman’s talk with Phil Giles, the club’s Director of Football.

In years to come, this week may well be seen as a watershed in the fortunes of Brentford Football Club.

Twice in as many days the people at the helm have emerged to settle supporters’ fraying nerves by providing some clarity about where we’re heading.

That in itself is a major step forward, particularly for Matthew Benham, a family man uncomfortable in the limelight who prefers to operate under the radar.

His chat with Beesotted (which can be seen here if you haven’t already read it) answered many of the questions that have been festering for months.

Phil Giles too has moved to allay concerns on the BFCtalk blog about the recruitment process and general modus operandii at Griffin Park in an honest and open interview.

Let’s not beat around the bush here… Brentford’s PR with even its closest and most loyal advocates since Warburtongate has, quite frankly, been a shambles.

I’ve used the words naïve and even dismissive to discuss the club’s handling of what’s been going on, and justifiably so.

But if there’s one adjective that epitomises the recent welcome information sharing and greatly reassured even a miserable git like me, it’s this… humility.

From the outset I had my doubts about a solely stats based approach and, some might say characteristically, didn’t hold back in letting people know.

Defenders will argue that it never was a solely stats-based approach, but if that was the case then this week’s interviews are many months too late.

My wife tells me that one of my faults has always been saying what I think, but I’d rather my views on something about which I care so deeply – however much they might jar with some people – were out there.

Messrs Giles and Benham are probably far more diplomatic – and hence successful – than me, but their admission that mistakes have been made is hugely refreshing and edifying.

Without mistakes we never learn. The only way you make something better is by learning from how you got it wrong. The ability to admit tweaks are needed comes only from humility and people who possess humility are ultimately better human beings and more successful.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this season is the mistaken belief that anyone who questions the club’s approach is, by some warped extrapolation, a sworn enemy of Matthew, Phil and Co.

We are, after all, ALL Brentford fans who want the same thing so it pains me to see various factions – some with insider knowledge, some with none – playing point scoring power games on social media.

Bottom line is that we have under a dozen games left of a Jekyll and Hyde season where some supporters feel short-changed.

Now that the club’s top brass have given us a rare insight into the way they are thinking, perhaps it’s time for everyone to lay off and get behind the side for the rest of the season… starting at Rangers and then Blackburn.

Jim Levack