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I read posts on all messageboards, Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else I can find Brentford-related stuff.  Some fans are already getting very nervous, but I don’t see the need to be nervous… yet.

How many promoted teams in the past god knows how long, have ever stuttered during a part of the season? How many teams have you ever seen lead the pack, only to fall away at the wrong time?  See Tranmere last season for example. How many promoted teams have you ever seen perform with consistent champagne style football throughout a season? How many promoted teams have you ever seen with players who never perform badly?

My point is that whilst fans are right to raise questions, such as the Derby fiasco which was supposed to rest the first team, only to put in a poor performance against Carlisle, the level of panic by some supporters is totally unwarranted.

Cast your mind back to the last time we were promoted to Division One / Championship…

What was the away form like?  Did it not have take a minor miracle to actually get promoted AND rely on other teams slipping up?

I do not doubt for a second that at times, Uwe gets it wrong.  I do not doubt for a second that we have the potential to go up as champions this season

But, what I don’t get, is the ability of fans to not get behind the lads and show our support.  The place was like a library on Saturday, and pretty quiet against Walsall.  You might argue that we will show our support when there is something exciting happening, but I think differently.  I think that we should be geeing up the lads, giving our all from the terraces, turning the stadium into a fortress of hate for opposition.  We should be the genuine 12th man, but we’re not.

Have we turned into a bunch of fans who are happy to lie back and be entertained?  Have we got such high expectations, that any failure to win in style is deemed a failure?  Do we not have a role to play?  And that is to SUPPORT the team, especially during moments of lethargy?  Don’t get me wrong, I was hacked off at Derby seeing the line-up and I am still pretty mega-hacked off about Saturday’s performance.  I think we royally screwed it up.  But, we ought to look at ourselves and ask whether we are doing enough?  Are we getting behind the lads?  Are we turning Griffin Park into a fortress?  Or have we gotten complacent too?

Sure, messageboards are there to encourage debate, or be a soapbox, but during the match, we were quiet, nervous and frustrated.  How “might” the players have played with 90 minutes of encouragement from the fans, with the ground rocking on all three sides with immense vocal support?

During the “big” games, I feel that Griffin Park is a terrific place to be.  You read and hear time and time again from players, how much the fans can make a difference to their attitude and psyche.  So just like the players, why should the fans only be “up for it” during the big matches?  Should or could we do more when the players need lifting?  Or should we just sit back and expect more from them?

Dan Suh