Brentford head coach Thomas Frank joined the Beesotted crew down the Red Lion pub in Barnes to talk football, football and more football.

It was close on twelve months ago I came to meet Thomas Frank properly. It was at the memorial service for Brentford’s Head of Football Rob Rowan held at Griffin Park. Rob had tragically died a month earlier and staff, friends, family and fans all gathered to pay their respects.

Ironically, it was Rob who introduced me to Thomas eighteen months earlier when the Dane was assistant coach to Dean Smith.

Beesotted were doing a B-Team Special podcast and Rob had invited myself and Dave Lane down to QPR’s training ground in Harlington to see the B-Team take on Rangers reserves.

It was Valentines day – a football double-header day as Brentford were playing a match at Reading later that evening.

The B-team game was in full flow. Chris Mepham was working hard trying to keep Sylla at bay. I was chatting to Dean Smith whilst watching the game when Thomas came over and started going over details of the evening’s match with him.

The one thing stuck with me from that moment was how intense Thomas was. Very, very particular.

Every minute detail was massively important.

Eighteen months later, he still had that same intensity and attention to detail when I met him at Griffin Park as we started to talk football, football and more football.

Roll on another year. Thomas walks into the Red Lion pub in Barnes. Some managers (sorry head coaches) would feel slightly anxious knowing they were potentially walking into the den of the lion two days after a disappointing repeat.

Not Thomas. He was as cool as a cucumber. Completely non-phased by the thought of sitting down and being questioned by four Brentford fans for a few hours.

“I used to live around the corner from here”

he said reflectively.

It’s a lovely area”.

Beer ordered. Food ordered.

Before we knew it, we right in the thick of it.

Discussing music.

Defensive line-ups (3 at the back vs 4 at the back).

We pored over the defeat to Huddersfield. Talked fondly about the Millwall, QPR and Swansea victories.

We discussed tactics. Shithousing. Asked him why our set pieces were so poor.

There were no mincing of words. We asked fairly brutal straight-to-the-point questions and fair play to Thomas, he answered them.

“How did you feel then you heard the ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’ chants?”

We asked him if he feared the sack?

He described creative players as ‘artists’ who sometimes have a great day. And other times, have a terrible day.

He talked bout Brentford goalkeepers Daniel Bentley and David Raya

After Adam Pendlebury from PWU Podcast gave us his lowdown on Wigan, Thomas gave an insight on how the club uses their pre-match scouting techniques to prep for forthcoming matches.

He also gave his thoughts on midfielder Lewis McLeod – now at Wigan – and why didn’t it work at Brentford

And to top it off, Thomas joined the Beesotted crew in giving his score predictions for the Wigan game

All in all a very interesting evening spent with a man who is incredibly passionate about football. And loves Brentford and everything the club stands for.

He admitted to being confident without being arrogant. And when questioned on where he felt he made mistake in the past, he wasn’t shy in admitting where he had gone wrong.

Billy Grant

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In the pub

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank

Billy The Bee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Matt The Allard

Save Bee Kyriacou

0 min – Intro. Music. Nørgaard called up for Denmark. Brentford Head of Football Operations Lorna Falconer on the Black List

10 min 08 sec – Brentford and Huddersfield fans in the pub after the Terriers match

16 min 29 sec – Thomas Frank and The Beesotted Crew discuss the defeat against

Huddersfield. Shithousing. Cowley Brothers. Referees. Set pieces. Strength and weaknesses of both sides. Creative players as ‘artists’. “You’re getting sacked in the morning” – discuss. Three at the back v Four at the back. Bentley v Raya plus much much more

1 hr 6 min 24 sec – Adam Pendlebury from PWU Podcast gives us his thoughts on Wigan

1 hr 15 min 34 sec – Thomas Frank and The Beesotted Crew discuss the upcoming Wigan

match. #TeamsLikeWigan #TeamsLike Brentford. Video scouting. Dangerous Wigan players to look out for. Lewis McLeod – why it didn’t work out for him at Brentford

1 hr 35 mins 00 sec – END