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Beesotted contributor Jim Levack looks at the Bees v Burton ‘six-pointer’ tomorrow and urges the team to put in the performance we know they are capable of, then put the bad run behind them.

Managers will always tell you there’s no such thing as a six pointer and they’d be right.

At the end of the day – another cliche there – you only get three points for a win and Norwich away might as well have been 1-0 as 5-0.

The fact that it was the latter will probably, in the fullness of time, turn out to be a good thing in the long run as it led to to what we all hope will be a cathartic dressing room exchange to lance the boil of four straight defeats.

A run like this always raises question marks about personnel, but we have seen already this season that the current squad is more than capable of beating any side on its day… we just need that day to come around a little more consistently.

Admittedly consistency is helped by having a squad with strength and quality in depth, but until January we go with what we have.

One element that is unquestioned is the support of almost all the Griffin Park faithful, who can and must play their part in tomorrow’s game by being raucous, partisan and making west London a torrid baptism of fire for Burton’s first trip there.

Anyone who think Burton will be an easy three points should stay at home – rememeber where we were a season or so ago and that’s where they are now. The entire Champonship and league is against them, and they’re loving it. They are a Championship side and no mugs, but Brentford are arguably more established at this level and must use that to their advantage.

Football is a staggeringly simple game. Do the easy things well and you’ll invariably win. Be tight at the back and you’re unlikely to lose. Hit the net at the other and goals will probably be on the cards.

Trouble is when things aren’t going your way there’s a tendency to overthink, to overplay to ensure you don’t make mistakes, but I’d love Brentford’s players tomorrow to play with the freedom that comes with knowing the fans won’t turn on them if they get something wrong… because as long as there’s effort and to bring a bit of panto to proceeding, I know the Brentford fans are the fairest of them all.

If Ryan Woods smacks a ball over the bar from the edge of the box when there’s nothing else on, that’s fine by me. If Nico Yennaris tries to play Scott Hogan in with an ambitious through ball that doesn’t quite come off, I honestly don’t know a Brentford fan who’ll have a go.

We are, after all, a very fair minded bunch who are – when all’s said and done – will protect our club to the bitter end.

Bottom line is that if one of those two scenarios comes off, then the confidence will come flooding back… and we all know what a powerful thing that is.

This is the last chance at home before Christmas to make sure we all get ourselves on a sound footing to go into the festive season, so let’s use it to show the players how much we appreciate where they’ve taken us not just this season but also during the last couple of years.

Do that and the last month will seem like a distant memory by May.

Jim Levack