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Christian Eriksen has joined Manchester United and, in doing so, ended weeks of speculation that the Bees were in with a shout of re-signing the Dane ahead of the new Premier League campaign. Money talked, it’s as simple as that. Brentford, we understand, were prepared to break their wage structure to keep Eriksen in West London, but United’s rumoured £1m-plus per month package clinched the deal. However, while it lasted, we all enjoyed a great affair with a catwalk model on the rebound, now we have to move on with a head full of happy memories.

As readers of this fanzine, and listeners to the Beesotted Pride of West London Podcast, will be aware, I had personally convinced myself that #CE21 would be staying at Brentford, for the next transfer window or two at least, so that guaranteed first team football would prepare him for the World Cup, playing alongside two of his Danish national team mates. Because of the player’s brush with mortality at last summer’s Euros, I felt he would place other priorities higher on his list that just finances, especially after settling in leafy Richmond with his family.

Christian Nørgaard and Mathias Jensen, as well as Thomas Frank (who had coached him at youth level and visted him for dinner in Copenhagen recently), would have done all they could to convince Eriksen to stay, and I firmly believe our club could have done no more without risking instability and wage problems down the line. My prediction may not have come to fruition, but thankfully, Brentford will not have put all their eggs in one basket and will have weighed up alternative options.

It goes without saying that Eriksen will be a big miss, the scramble and non-stop media speculation underlines how in demand the out of contract player was this summer, but all Brentford fans were becoming frustrated with the situation – the players are now back in training, the fixtures have been announced and the transfer window is open – it couldn’t drag on any longer and needed closure, we now have that. Director of Football, Phil Giles, is now unenviably tasked with filling an Eriksen sized hole – whether  that will be with a new signing or restructuring players already at the club – only time will tell. But we have to go back to the Brentford way, unearthing and developing young starlets – Eriksen was a fascinating moment in time though.

Brentford fans will have mixed feelings about Christian Eriksen’s departure – some knew this day was coming, some will feel he’s used Brentford, some will be totally gutted, some will have moved on already. All will wish him well.

Dave Lane


Brentford fan Jason Wils sums up his feelings about Eriksen’s departure a little more poetically

Thank you Christian Eriksen it was short but oh so sweet! you had us eating out your hand and jumping out our seat.

We had a special partnership, and things were working well, but the way you’ve gone, has left a nasty smell.

It could have been so wonderful, you’d be smiling every day, but all it seems your interest was, who offered the biggest pay!

We may be just a little club, compared to some around, but don’t forget who picked you up, and got your feet back on the ground.

We gave you time and the chance when others turned their back, and now you’ve done the dirty, so that my friend is that.

We feel like we’ve been left standing on our wedding day, all the words have left us, We don’t know what to say,

You could have been a legend, the greatest ever Bee, but instead your just another player with no loyalty.

Look back on this I’m sure you will, for us its hard to take, but one day your realise it was a huge mistake.