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The chaps at Copa 90 have made a very stylish and informative documentary featuring the thoughts of Director of Football Rasmus Ankersen and fans from both Brentford and FC Midtylland (including the Beesotted crew @billythebee99 and @beesotted100) – the film talks about how statistical analysis and new thinking in football is changing fortunes for innovative football clubs.

Whatever you think about mathematical modelling, and new ways of identifying players, until now… this documentary may give a slightly different perspective on what has been a divisive topic among some fans, and particularly in the Press.

Who knows what the future will bring at Brentford, but one thing we can all agree on is that the past, however proud we should be of our post-War history, it has been a catalogue of under achievement and failure interspersed with a small handful of lower league highs.

We now sit in the Championship, with a well researched and well funded squad of players, as well as an owner who is focussed on taking us to the next level, not the dark days of bucket rattling and trips to League Two outposts. We have to look forwards, surely?

Dave Lane