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After losing to Leicester in the FA cup on Saturday, it’s back to the league where The Bees are set to play their first six-pointer of the season – against Forest.

The Beesotted crew Billy The Bee Grant and Robin Hood McMichael linked up with Matt Beadle in the Lovesport studio to discuss The Leicester match. Brentford’s squad depth with the youngsters excelling themselves despite losing at the weekend.

Half-and-half scarves. Why do they cause such derision. What did the Beesotted poll say people’s views of them were?

And with the likes of Brentford, Liverpool and Man United fielding weakened sides for the FA Cup, we date whether has the FA Cup has been killed by disrespectful sides as had been suggested by some people?

Plus we speak to ex Brentford manager Martin Allen about  the Leicester match and catch up with Scott from Munich and Madrid blog for the lowdown on Forest