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It had been a quiet close season for Sherlock Holmes and, as he reflected on the Beast of Griffin Park being released to wander and terrorise at will once more, a letter arrived with another Brentford post mark…

Holmes carefully read the contents before reaching for his pipe and summoning Dr Watson to his side…  “I smell a kipper, I will accept this case”… he told his sidekick… “Together we will solve The Changing Rangers Fixture Mystery”.

After a violin rendition of Hey Jude, the sleuth set to work….



First Holmes called Inspector Ken Le Strade at Scotland Yard to see if the Police had received a threatening warning from Brian Moriarty, the banned, notorious Grapevine fanatic, but this line of enquiry proved fruitless.

Holmes then called Hugo Furquar-Self at the Football League, where he was given some information, but it was encrypted and unable to be understood?

Holmes was getting frustrated…. “Watson, even gaining the basic facts seems to be impossible for a matter so simple, this reminds me of the unsolved case of the Flag Slogan Mystery… But I will solve this crime, as I did with the despicable case involving the Stolen Puddle Photograph.”

“I will call the club, they will clarify matters… fetch the carriage Watson… We will travel west to the pretty Riverside village at Brentford…”

To be continued….  In the next episode Holmes attempts to unravel a statement and enlists the help of Russell Grant the famous Brentford astrologer. 


VIEW PART TWO HERE http://bit.ly/1eLLcjG