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As the horses of the Hackney Carriage galloped west from Baker Street, first along the West Way, then cutting through the sleepy hamlet at Greenford, Holmes started to grow restless at the fruitless investigations so far… “Let’s go over the facts one by one Watson… I must be overlooking something glaringly obvious.”

“It has been a month since I received the original fixture via telegram… Wait… I recall stable-lad ‘chatter’ in various subversive Penny Dreadfuls that had warned of “A Clash With ‘The Thugby’…” I had presumed the proletariat were planning skulduggery and hooliganism at the ale houses and gin palaces around the county town … Is there another connotation for the term ‘Thugby’ Watson?

“I believe so Holmes…” Watson replied… “I recall that ‘Thugby’ is a slang reference to a game watched by men who attire themselves in corduroy and sensible footwear whilst consuming malt spirits from a hip flask and digestive biscuits with a musky smell from hampers transported in their Tiguan carriages…”

Holmes shouted at the driver to pull over… “My good man… There has been a change of plan… Before we go to Brentford, we must visit the devilishly ugly concrete castle at Twickenham… That will also entail suffering the stench at Mogden I’m afraid… Are the stallions up to it? Also, may I borrow your tweed blazer as a disguise?”

To be continued… 


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