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Billy the Bee Grant, Dave Laney Lane and Gary GP Paul get together in The Virtual Joint after the international break to catch up on the latest Bees news

We look back to the transfer deadline and ask if everyone was happy with the business done.

We reviewed Bees players who were playing for their countries in the international window

We discussed the Brentford exhibition at the Steam Museum and the impending need for covid passports for future Bees matches

We listened to what Villa and Brentford fans had to say after the match at Villa plus we look forward to Brentford’s next four league games and ask what can we expect?

Jonatan JB Burchill gives us more record crowd facts and funk after the 42,000 attendance at Villa

Will Allsopp the Spreadsheet Winker gives us the statistical lowdown on Brighton

Plus Russell from Brighton Rock podcast lives us the lowdown on Brighton