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Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee last night used twitter to nip in the bud rumours circulating Griffin Park that he is happy with playing second fiddle at the club or that he is currently unfit to play due to contiuning shoulder problems.

His tweets read:

“I’ve heard a few hugely inaccurate rumours lately that are apparently circulating on message boards, so just want to clear them up”

“It’s been suggested that I’m not bothered about being sub – absolutely ridiculous. I’m doing everything within my power to be selected and am desperate to play. I am however a professional and will always give my backing to whoever plays. David Button’s a fantastic guy and between us there’s inevitable, healthy competition.”

“People keep asking if I’m still injured. No, I’m fully fit and have been for six weeks now. I feel fantastic, the best I’ve felt for years. I worked tenaciously all through the summer and as a result my shoulder feels the best it’s ever felt.I’ve even spent a fortune this summer on turning my garage into a ‘goalkeeping gym’.”

“I am 100% focused on football. I’m hungrier than ever, my life is structured around football as those who are close to me will testify.The games I played gave me the biggest high I’ve experienced for ages and I can’t wait for a chance to prove that my best is yet to come.”

Lee has also used his regular online column for the Daily Mail to highlight the fact that he kept two clean sheets during his three recent games – as well as mentioning the Bob Marley song that was sweeping the terraces during that period in his honour.

In reality, Lee has only ever come across as someone completely commited to being a professional footballer both on and off the pitch.

The fact that he uses his spare time to pursue other interests in order to give himself a career once his playing days are over should surely be applauded rather than criticised.