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If you’ve ever been to Hounslow you would not have failed to have noticed that football stadium come bus stop right in the middle of the High Street

Or so we were led to believe by our West London neighbours last season as they chalked up a rare win against The Bees.

Well it’s the return of the West London derby. This time around it’s new Bee Thomas Frank v old Bee Mark Warburton.

QPR were looking to secure 2nd place in their quest for promotion.

Bees were looking to show the world they’re truly back on track after a slow start to the season but with two stunning results to show for in the last week – 3-2 at home to Millwall and a 3-0 away at Swansea

And what a great match it was . A much improved QPR team from the last two seasons with the useful Eze spearheading their advances. Two teams going toe to toe. The Bees needed to be disciplined. No room for mistakes.

And it was a tremendous performance for the team from the bus stop in Hounslow that saw them take all three points – scoring three times for the third match in a row (that’s a lot of threes).

Ollie Watkins scored his 10th goal of the season to hammer home once again to all and sundry that Neal Maupay’s shoes that he has slipped into over the past few months fit very nicely indeed.



We spoke to both QPR and Brentford fans in the pub post match