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A trip to Derby for Brentford. 2-0 up and cruising at half time. 2-2 on the final whistle -an absolute disaster of a result for the Bees.

This match was gonna take a proper debrief. Billy TheBee Grant. Dave Laney Lane and Matt The Allard Allard linked up in the virtual joint to go over that game of two halves.

So many questions.

  • Should Brentford have put the game to bed by half time
  • Second half Derby subs (Sibley and Gregory) and a change in tactics changed the game. But why were Brentford so non-responsive to the change
  • Is Thomas Frank a stubborn manager. A principled manager or a good manager who backs his players through thick and thin?
  • Are Brentford really big game bottlers?
  • How big of an issue is our cobbled together left back issue?
Will Allsop Spreadsheet Winker ran through the match stats and also analysed the season – coming up with a theory as to why teams seemed to be giving Brentford a tricky time as of late.
JB Jonathon Burchill talks 2-0 down and back to 2-2 whilst reminding us things have never gone well in our final game of the season against a Bristol team.

We discuss the survey we carried out which asked for fans’ results till the end of the season and predicted how close they were to predicting promotion for The Bees (beesotted.com/automatics-or-playoffs-brentford-fans-predict-final-championship-table/) with 87/88 points being deemed as the target for achieving automatic promotion at the weekend. And looking at the latest Five Thirty Eight predictions (below), that is still the case.

We then spoke to Rhys Williams who predicted a draw against Derby but was still confident of reaching his predicted 89 points which should see the Bees to 2nd place

Five Thirty Eight End of Season predictions Mar 17th 2021

Plus with the crucial match at the weekend against Forest, we spoke to Holly (@LondonHolly1865) from Forest Fancast podcast about Nottingham Forest