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With spirits high and a street party in full flow, we recorded a podcast to capture the thoughts of fans of both England and Wales about the match, the atmosphere between both sets of supporters, as well as their experiences of Euro 2016 so far.

I think you’ll agree the podcast really captures the fantastic mood around the city, with fans of both nations standing side by side throughout the day, sharing beers and revelling in the fact there were no Russian mobs roaming around spoiling the party.

Lens is how Euro 2016 could have been from day one if the authorities and intelligence services had got their act together – make sure you listen to the Welsh fan’s words about the victimisation of England supporters and the media’s fixation of only reporting sensationalised bad news stories.

There will lots of VIDEO clips from Lens and Lille as well as the third part of the Beesotted Euro Blog over the next 24 ours, so make sure you subscribe to Besotted Youtube here.

Dave Lane


We will continue to blog and podcast on the Beesotted channel as Beesotted travels around France.

With tickets all the way through to the final – assuming England qualify – plus other random games here and there, it’s going to be an action packed month.

You can check our blogs on the Beesotted website.

You can also check our our videos on our Euro 2016 Video page and podcasts on our Podcast page once the tournament starts.