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Beesotted were slightly bemused yesterday by the lack of comment related to the Celtic game (and pitch invasions, flares, weaker than anticipated squad etc) coming from Griffin Park yesterday

Instead we found that the club website was promoting free pizza if we beat Port Vale which inspired us to launch a quest on twitter for a squad full of #brentfordpizza topping puns.

Here are our favourites – including one from Matthew Benham:

Monterey Jack Bonham
(We like) Peppertoni Craig (@markjamess13)
(But we love) Harlee KidneyDean
Cheddarius Charles (@thecondorman)
Edam Fourcheeseshaw (@Puns87, @markjamess13)
Ham Prawnders
Mascartony Rougier
Lorenzo Jalapenomonte (@ant11609)
Barbecue Chicken Coote
Hawaiian Dickson (@LuisAdrianoUK)
Brian Steak-Ham (@Law XLB)
Mike Mozza Grella (@matthew_benham)
Too-many-toppings Diet-gon-awry-ga
Charlie Chives (@ianb23)
Quattro Stagioni Brooks
Sloppy Josephy Backpass
Watercress Moore
Pollo Evans from the halfway line
Hemanchego Hreidarsson (@thecondorman)
Danis Salamiman (@jimsambridge)
Tomato Adeyemi
Chil-Lee Luscombe
Stuffed Crust Kamara
Olive Gotskalsson
Marcus Jala-bean-o-peppers (@hoigoys)
Andychovy Ansah

Manager – Bill Doughgin

Thanks, as ever, to everyone who joined in the fun. As (@nickbruzon) pointed out, we’ve had Four Seasons in League One and it’s time to join the prawn sandwich brigade…..