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Transfer deadline day is always a nervy time for a lower league football fan when their team is enjoying a good season – and with only a few hours remaining for the big club vultures to swoop – Dave Lane asks if there’s still a chance that 2013 could see a repeat of previous last minute raids for Brentford starlets.

Bees fans are experienced enough to know that we can take nothing for granted – when agents and ambitious footballers combine with managers desperate to add the finishing touches to their own promotion push – or even more desperate managers attempting to avoid the drop from a higher division – loyalty usually gets pushed into touch

The losses of Nicky Forster and DJ Campbell are just two examples that the ‘you don’t want to go up Brentford’ brigade will recite in an instant until the day they die, and who can blame them? And that’s to name but two… Who is to say that Harry Forrester, despite words to the contrary at the start of the year and a rumoured increase in the Bees’ budget post-Chelsea, won’t be another name to be added to that list?

The word on the street is that Prince Harry will remain a Bee, that we’ve got nothing to fear until the end of the season at least, that there’s more chance of players coming in than there are of players leaving, but I for one will take nothing, absolutely nothing, for granted until the window slams shut tonight.


Dave Lane