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The Bees are off to Wembley as they take on Swansea in the Championship Playoff Final after defeating Bournemouth 3-2 on aggregate in a thrilling semi-final.

And Beesotted have an absolute MONSTER of a pre-match show for you. Everything you need to know about the playoff final is right here. Two and a half ours of interviews and features. Celebrating our 750-plus-more episode, this show was always destined to go into extra time and penalties.

So grab yourself a beer or a cup of tea. Sit back and relax as you we help you to get yourself fully hyped up for the the big match at the weekend.

So from BBC Radio 5 interviews. To fans in the stadium straight after the game. To thoughts on the early Bournemouth goal. To Begovic’s cheating. Jonathon Woodgate’s tactics. The referee .. did he really not know what he was doing? Thomas Frank’s watch. The atmosphere in New Griffin Park. Is Ayew really as dangerous as we think? Steve Cooper v Thomas Frank punch up on the cards. If so who would win? Will Pontus Janson score his first goal for The Bees? Plus loads loads loads more

We have indexed the show for you so you can dip in and out. Pick the bits you like. Or stop and come back and listen later.


0 m –  Intro – Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane

5m 05 sec – BBC Radio 5 interview with Micky Campbell and Rachel Burden on the government recommendation that Bees fans should not travel to Wembley because of local coronavirus fears

12 m 43 secs – Fans in the ground and in the pub give their views straight after the Bournemouth match

18m 00 sec – Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane Bournemouth match reflections

25 mins 30 sec – Enter the Chomp Lounge to chat to Ali Mullalley, Liberal Nick Carthew, Cham Da Silva plus Will The Spreadsheet Winker gives us all the Bournemouth Match Stats

39 min 25 sec – Still in the Cheese Lounge talking penalties, how good a manager is Jonathon Woodgate and Swansea fears

1hr 02 min 06 sec – Jonathon Burchill gives JB’s Wembley and Playoff Facts and Funk

1 hr 03 min 51 sec – Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane reflect on Brentford’s terrible Playoff History. Is this time for a change?

1 hr 06 min 47 sec – Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane look forward to the Swansea match.

1 hr 09 min 20 sec – Interview with Luke From Swansea Podcast Swanscast

1 hr 39 min 24 sec – Billy The Bee Grant and Dave Laney Lane – Swansea concerns

1 hr 47 min 51 sec – Enter the Cheese lounge to chat to Matt The Allard Allard, Martin The Dutchman Holland, Jimmy Mac plus Will The Spreadsheet winker drops the all important Swansea stats

2hr 27 minutes – The new Ivan Toney Song

2 hr 28 min 24 sec – END