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What a difference a week makes. Two wins on the bounce and things are suddenly looking up for The Bees. Snuggled in 6th place, Brentford travel to Rotherham to try and extend their unbeaten run and go into the international break on a high.

The Beesotted crew were all chilled out as they met in The Distillers Pub, Hammersmith to discuss all manner of stuff.

They recalled their marmite players. Triggered by meeting Leo Sayer in the Griffin, they talk about their most surreal football moment and also laughed at some favourite 70s moments.

Plus ex winger Marcus Gayle talks his time at Brentford – including tells the tale of one Brentford player who quite literally sh8t his pants during a game. He also gives us his #HangTheBeeJay moment – the tune that most reminds him of Brentford FC.

We also spoke to Chris Saxon (@Axholme Miller) who gives us the lowdown on Rotherham.

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick
Dan the Mann

0m – Intro
5m 15 sec – Fans from the pub after the Ipswich and Forest matches
11m 27 sec – Beesotted crew discuss what they learned from the Ipswich and Forest matches
23m 07 sec – Marmite Players – players who some people love and others hate
34m 36 sec – #HangTheBeeJay – Marcus Gayle talks about his time at Brentford and the song that most reminds him of Brentford FC
44m 43 sec – Leo Sayer interview
45m 32 sec – Beesotted crew discuss their surreal football moments and go back to the 70s
1hr 5m 38 sec – Interview with Chris Saxon (@Axholme Miller)
1hr 10 m 33 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Rotherham match
1hr 20 mins 21 sec – END

Beesotted Podcast Score Prediction League:
Billy Grant – 3 points
Everyone Else – 0 points