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Billy Grant and Dave Lane caught up with Mark Warburton less than 48 hours after the club officially announced that the pair were to leave the club, along with Frank McParland, at the end of the season.

Beesotted tried to get to the bottom of a lot of questions flying around the terraces at the moment – discussing football philosophies, stat or no stat, keeping a happy camp, the new system, what went wrong at Charlton, why fans should not cancel their hotels booked for Blackburn, how the team are preparing for the Bournemouth game plus more.

Podcast contains an EDITED version of the Warburton/Weir interview plus a studio discussion from the Beesotted crew.

In the studio;

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Matt Allard
Jim Levack

0m – Intro
4m 06 sec – Post-Charlton pub fan discussion
7m 02 sec – Charlton studio discussion
14m 53 sec – Mark Warburton and David Weir interview (part-interview: Full audio interview can be found at http://bit.ly/11OGHPo and video interview at http://bit.ly/1cQbo6r)
28m 46 sec – Studio discussion on the Mark Warburton affair
1hr 17 sec – End