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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re a football manager with an in-form, all conquering side with technical ability, team spirit and desire, that is.

Confidence breeds confidence breeds success (or C+C=S) in a game where overworked analysis from so-called experts seeks to mystify why a side is doing well.

To my mind there’s no secret to why Brentford are performing right now, and it’s all about cohesion, stability and confidence.

When you’re in a rut it’s easy to think too much about every pass or shot. When you’re doing well, it just comes naturally.

Trust is another key element and Brentford’s current squad believe in each other, and that in turn ensures they are more determined to lay their bodies on the line.

Anyone who watched the players’ reaction to David Button’s penalty save at Preston will be in no doubt that this is a team that won’t be rolled over easily.

Alan McCormack’s reaction matched his play in the last two months… strong, aggressive and, if you’re an opposition player, just a little bit intimidating.

When Wrexham rolled Brentford over in the Cup, Uwe revealed his players were ‘beasted’ in the tunnel – I can’t see that happening to this side.

So what’s the point of this festive ramble?

Well, it’s simple. When you’re part of something like these players are, I would suggest that they need to view any at first sight attractive offers come January need with a degree of scepticism.

Look at Simon Moore, a prodigious young talent with the mentality to do well in the game – one day. Currently he’s arguably improving as a player at Cardiff, but as third choice his chances appear limited.

And that’s with a side that could well be in the same division as Brentford next season, so at best his return to Griffin Park could be as a bench warmer.

Most players will tell you there’s nothing like playing, so youngsters making a name for themselves like Trotta and Harris face a dllemma on what their next move should be.

I blame Trotta for countless early hours nightmares, but he has returned and showed true strength of character and I’d be gutted to see him go now – something I never thought I’d say last May.

Clayton Donaldson, one of the best strikers I’ve ever seen at the club and the target of every promotion rival if the rumours are to be believed, might think he faces an even more difficult decision.

Stick and have a great chance of Championship football next term, or twist for the quick win, and risk disappearing off the radar.

But in his dotage as he sits back with the kids and grandkids, it will equally be those moments of success in a special team that he’ll remember as much – if not more – than a bigger salary slip each month.

Sure, football is a job and players all want more money, but he and others like him will get it by staying in TW8… whether that’s now, in January or at the end of the season.

Oh, and the grass isn’t always greener.

Jim Levack