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Dear League One,


I know it hasn’t been long but I’m quickly forgetting all about you. Sad considering our relationship was longer than Posh n Becks’ (more on Posh later) but this week has dispelled any fears of having to return to you in the near future.


The two trips to the seaside since I last wrote have confirmed the Championship holds nothing to fear.


The performances at Bournemouth and Blackpool have given everyone the chance to forget about the six goals conceded at Dagenham and with four points now on the board, at this early stage, it’s clear there are plenty worse teams than Warbo’s Wonders.


You have to feel rather sorry for most people connected with Blackpool. Obviously not the twats in the Oyston family still allegedly creaming off parachute payment monies away from the club, nor the star of the Beesotted video who Lou Boyd pointed out was “tackled by a lamp post”.


Personally, I feel comparing him to the Wealdstone Raider is like matching the management abilities of Butcher and Warburton. He doesn’t warrant that credit at all. That said, he deserves to be found and I hope the Beesotted search pays dividends, that he has a Twitter account and can be sent a whole load of tweets, or is that twats, from Bees fans.


Those other nice, friendly people from the town of the Nolan Sisters, can hardly be in the mood for dancing as they watch their team freefalling down the leagues.


At the start of the season Skybet were offering 150/1 on the tangerines winning the Championship. Three games in and you can now get those odds on them winning promotion by any means and actually topping the table is now a 750/1 shot.


The signing of Nile Ranger probably helped the bookies lengthen those odds. A player of his calibre is only likely to be kicking the door down to League One and if you want a much safer bet then they are already 5/1 On to be relegated.


So, League One, get ready to welcome back Blackpool, but who else will be joining you?


Much of my last letter was about Fulham and celebrating their opening defeat. Two more losses leaves them as pointless as Blackpool and the #saveMagath, rather than #savePenfold, campaign has begun. Let’s just hope Shahid Khan has the patience of Darragh McAnthony rather than Tony Fernandes and Magath is allowed to get his win percentage even lower than his current 20%.


For more on the demise of Fulham, just go on t’internet and social media to see the whole of football pointing and laughing.


The Wigan Athletic midweek away following also found much on line ridicule. That image of their fans at their Championship game with Cardiff was worthy of a league much further down the pyramid.


Whereas Blackpool at least have the romantic history of their Stanley Matthews era, recent top flight football may have spoilt Latics fans who spent most of the 20th Century in the lower leagues.


As the transfer window leaves an ever decreasing space for Adam Forshaw to make his next move, maybe he should have gone to the Pleasure Beach and asked Mystic Maggie to see just where The Whelan Rosler love train is heading. Could they be heading back to you?


Birmingham City were one of the bookies’ favourites at the start of the season to head in your direction and they come to Griffin Park this Saturday. This is the kind of game new Brentford should be winning. Even with Clayton Donaldson in their side.


So, to boo or not to boo the man who decided to walk out on the Bees?


I won’t be giving him too much stick. If he scores, I’d even be happy for him to celebrate as his response to scoring is just a respectful nod to his late mother. There’s been talk that we haven’t fully replaced him but I still say we’ll finish the season higher than his new club whatever the result on Saturday.


Bees battles with Brum this season will no doubt bring on memories of those nineties tussles when they were owned by… Sullivan & Gold, run by… Brady and managed by Barry Fry. Each of those characters seemed more than just a pantomime villain back in the day and were genuinely hated by this writer. They were up there with Fulham in terms of rivals and, although there were many times we came off second, let us never forget that last day of the 1992 season.


Saint and Greavsie, THE football show of the time, congratulated the Blues on winning the Third Division before the final games kicked off. Subsequently our win at Posh and their failure to gain a final three points saw us overtake them to claim top spot.


Before I go for now, let me just tell you one more team I think you’ll be welcoming come May.


Rotherham United and Bristol City have, in my mind, shown the directions each are heading by agreeing the transfer of highly regarded Keiran Agard. While we convince ourselves Adam will be making a mistake if he does reunite with Rosler at Wigan, imagine how #RUFC fans must feel about one of their key players dropping back down to the division they escaped?


Millers boss Steve Evans commented on his team’s latest defeat to Watford by declaring the Hornets will be promoted. I always think this is an easy cop out for defeated managers and will now keep a close eye on how many other teams he thinks will go up after they’ve beaten him. I’ve said how Barry Fry was hated during his Brum spell, well Evans reminds me of him. All the wheeling and dealing since he somehow got his team promoted adds managerial actions to the rotund physical similarities.


So, a second week in the Championship has killed off any tiny lingering thoughts of an imminent return to you. This is an exciting journey that will run and run. It’s rather extraordinary that your league table is currently headed by a team We never came up against during our many years residence. I am interested to see whether little Fleetwood Town will be able to keep ahead of the big hitters like Brizzle, Sheff Utd, Posh, Franchise, and the Preston gentry. Looking at those teams, I think most could now beat both Blackpool and Rotherham.


I’ll tell you next week if Birmingham City would also struggle against them either way, I’m so glad we got out when we did.


Anyway, laters losers,


Yours in the Championship,


Luis Adriano