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Beesotted’s Jim Levack urges the players to keep calm and carry on after West Brom’s defeat handed the Bees the chance to pounce!

Just before the Huddersfield game kicked off, I read a short tweet that put things very firmly into a perspective that we must try to maintain in the coming days.

It reminded all Bees fans that irrespective of the outcome of this incredible season, this will be Brentford’s highest ever league finish for 73 years.

I watched the first half, found it too stomach churningly stressful and then grabbed a couple of Peronis in the garden. My Alan Shearer ‘creosoting the fence’ moment. 

I watched tiny birds fly in and out, a dragonfly skittering and the rustle of the breeze on a giant willow 100 yards or so away. My phone kept buzzing. I tried not to look. 

Minutes seemed to take on the length of 10. With four to go there were a flurry of buzzes. “Euphoria. Yesss. Come on, get in!” 

Finally nature – there was a method to my madness – and natural justice (that was clearly offside) were having their say. 

With a minute to go I allowed myself back into the living room. Seconds later I saw Charlie Austin in tears. No one likes to see that, and be sure this setback will galvanise West Brom.

But, and it’s still a little ‘but’, Brentford now have matters in their own hands and the inexorable collection of points accrued are close to counting for something.

Back in November after Huddersfield did a job on us at Griffin Park, Danny Crowley spoke with calmness, passion and intelligence to the press conference.

His post-match analysis and praise for everything Brentford were doing went on for some 15 minutes and brought fulsome praise from our own Peter Gilham.

He told the Town manager: “In the many years we have sat in this room, there are few managers who have come in and spoken so well and been so humble in victory. Thank you”.

Crowley seemed genuinely taken aback, but maybe, just maybe, that little exchange stuck in his mind. The impetus he needed to get us a result. Thanks Danny. Thanks Peter.

The fairytale could be about to come true, but now is the time for cool heads, that sense of perspective, a lack of expectation that comes with the knowledge that this has been an historic season… whatever happens.

No one could ask any more of this squad and whatever the outcome in the coming days, I will be happy.

I recently spoke to Brian Burgess, a man who has played a pivotal role in writing the club’s next chapter, and he assured me he was “extremely relaxed” about the final outcome.

I am too. If we do it, that will be unbelievable and a moment to cherish – my phone is already buzzing with texts from people I haven’t heard from in ages – but if we don’t, it’s been a blast. And it will be in the future too.

Expectation, as the Baggies are discovering, is a heavy burden. We have none. 

Entertain us.

Jim Levack