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I haven’t said anything about the Doncaster game so far – I wanted the dust to settle. But I’m afraid my feelings today are virtually the same as they were when the ref blew the final whistle last Saturday.

I’m still angry.

Oh, not at losing. Not at missing out on automatic promotion. Not even at the missed penalty. I can live with all that frustration, I’m old enough to have lived with it many times before, and as Uwe said emphatically on Sunday night “This season is not over”.

So what I am angry about – and forgive me for repeating a theme I’ve banged on about before this season – is that Doncaster won the game and the title by ‘playing ugly’.

If that’s what it takes to succeed – please count me out.

Football is a simple game, and can be a beautiful game. So when a whole club has to resort to time wasting for a whole 90+ minutes to win, then I get annoyed.

It was in the first minute when their goalkeeper Sullivan took the first of several time-wasting minutes before getting the ball back in play. I think Richard Lee has said in an article that he took 42 seconds per goal kick – and every time he gathered the ball he simply put it down in the box and waited for a Bees forward to chase him before picking it up casually and belting it away like a moon ship.

Donny were the same at throw-ins as well. So say about 20 goal kicks and 20 throw-ins to them throughout the match (I don’t know how many there actually were, but that sounds about average to me) – that’s the best part of half an hour wasted – a whole third of a game.

Doncaster were, to quote Rich again, “pre-historic hoofers” – and I have to agree with him 500 per cent. They played ugly to win.

Brentford have now got three more games to win promotion and it’s my belief that we can get out of this league by playing to our strengths – by playing football.

Uwe Rosler has moulded a team which can beat opponents with this footballing – and sporting – philosophy.

A team which don’t need to “play dirty” to win. A team which battle fairly, show skill in possession and keep fighting till the final whistle.

A team we can be proud of.

Larry Signy