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The ‘news’ that outgoing Borussia Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp, has been linked to the vacant Brentford job has certainly got tongues wagging, and fingers Tweeting… as well as bookmakers’ odds tumbling at the thought of Mathew Benham pulling off one of the most audacious swoops in footballing history… But the chances of this ‘scoop’ become a reality are so remote and unlikely that it could be a belated April fool.

The bookies’ spread of names beggars belief in all honesty, something we speak extensively about in this week’s Pride of West London Beesotted podcast… But the majority of the coaches listed are so wide of the mark in terms of the new structure at the club, that we can only assume that profiteering betting shops are simply making names up to cash in.

The facts are, that with the arrival of Rasmus Ankerson from FC Midtjylland and Phil Giles from SmartOdds, to help implement Mathew Benham’s visionary new way of running our club, the Bees are in the market for a coach happy to embrace a slightly unorthodox footballing structure…. So having a landmark name, with huge experience, and a personality to match, is unlikely. Flattering perhaps, but so unlikely.

The Daily Mail seem to be running a work of total fiction in my view, and I’d lay decent odds myself in predicting that whenever the new Brentford boss is named, they won’t dedicate quite as many words to the story as they have to this Klopp-trap.

Who’s next on the list. Alex Ferguson. David Moyes. Haha. We don’t think the Falkirk Brentford contingent will be too happy with us having a Fifer as manager.  Or would they?

Dave Lane