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It’s the final day of the season. And as predicted, it’s gone down to the wire

Brentford need to win (realistically) to stand any chance of promotion to the Premier League. But it’s not in their hands. Because they also are relying on West Brom not winning.

A draw would suffice if West Brom lost. A loss could open the door for Fulham to tuck in via the back door.

Billy Grant and Dave Lane pontificated over what could have been last weekend. Brentford losing to relegation-threatened Stoke City when a draw or a win would have kept them in the promotion driving seat.

Thomas Frank gives his thoughts on the Stoke defeat and Barnsley match

They also looked forward to the Wednesdays crunch matches.

Paul Finney from the QPR podcast ‘Open all Rs’ give his thoughts on whether or not Brentford’s West London rivals will be bothered to turn up again West Brom on Wednesday.

Plus Joe from Red All Over gives us the lowdown on Barnsley who need three points to avoid relegation to Division One.

Plus Brentford fans give their honest views on how they think the season is going to pan out for the Bees