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It’s the news that we’ve all dreaded, while at the same time, knew was inevitable at some stage since the transfer window reopened this summer… namely, King Jota being linked with a move away from Griffin Park.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that in the form Jota has been in since his return from Eibar, the goals and assists stats, not to mention some of the delicious piss taking of defenders (and Jake Bidwell) we’ve witnessed, other clubs were bound to come-a-sniffing. 

We had spoken at length on several occasions on the Beesotted Pride of West London Podcast (click link below) regarding the likelihood of the Blackburn Rovers season finale back in May possibly being his last appearance for the club, and had reassured ourselves that, in all likelihood, Jota would be back in a Bees shirt for 2017/18 as his career really needs a period of stability after a distracting couple of seasons. Brentford is where he is truly loved, we allow his artistry and confidence to flourish. But as true as that is, we all know that money talks, especially Premier League sized wedge.

Admittedly, Dean Smith’s comments on the transfer rumours won’t  have reassured fans one little bit that Jota will remain at Griffin Park, there was a lot of honestly in what the gaffer said, but a large slice of reality was served up too.

Jota has apparently ‘pledged’ not to move to another Championship side in an act of John Terry-like  ‘manners’, and the words ‘massive’ was used when describing the sum of money Brenrford would accept if they reluctantly have to sell their prized asset. However, £8m has also been bandied around in some circles. With a single years’ contract in place, is that all we can expect in reality? We all agree that would be on the light side, but considering where we all were a year ago, with the player languishing in Spain and a return to GP about as likely as Camilla from Love Island cracking a joke, I’d say £10m would be a miracle with only one year to go.

Some fans have already started to question the club’s ambitions if we do indeed wave bye bye to Jota, querying how much BFC ‘want it’, but surely we can all see that, in all reality, once heads have been turned by the Prem, and agents go into overdrive, there’s precious little the Bees can do. How many times have we seen exactly that in the past three years?

The club would have already offered an improved longer term deal before making do with the contracted year’s extension, and if you break the wage structure now, or even suggest it, the cat’s then out of the bag and there will be a queue of other players forming outside Phil Giles’ (Brentford Director of Football) training ground port-a-cabin or huge wage demands next time a contract is up for renegotiation. 


An impressive 600 Brenrford fans voted in the Beesotted Twitter poll this weekend’s snap vote: with 57% believing Jota would leave the club this transfer window, and the remaining 43% split between his him staying (28%), or staying but only until January (15%).

Jota knows all about the club’s aspirations and the undoubted quality of many of the players that surround him in training… he loves Brentford Football Club and it’s fans, but those sentiments will pale into relative insignificance when £40k per week is tabled by a Swansea, or a Southampton, or a Bournemouth, or a West Ham… even maybe even a Burnley. Fact.

The way Brentford FC have treated the player has been admirable, it’s why there is a year’s extension in the first place remember, and we have always placed the player’s welfare at the heart of every situation, so perhaps allowing Jota to once again ponder his career long term options whilst having fun with the lads on their preseason training camp is perfect timing. Who knows? I’ve become a bit of a realist in my old age (not that bloody old you cheeky sods) but we all must live in hope sometimes. 

You don’t really need me to waste thumb taps explaining what I hope happens, but if you are interested, I’ll be going on a long Sunday walk today dreaming of a freshly signed three year Brentford deal with Jota’s signature on it, ahead of the most rousing ovation at Sheffield United in a few week’s time.

But if that’s simply not possible, I personally don’t think it would have been for the lack of trying or due to any lack of manners. But we shall see.

Dave Lane

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