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The final match of 2013 sees the most unpopular manager to have set foot in Griffin Park for decades bring his team to TW8 for an important promotion tussle.

And tussle it will be too as Karl ‘Smuginson’ Robinson (a poor version of James Cordon) manager of Franchise FC (aka MK Dons) and his band of merry men have very rarely had an uneventful match against Brentford.

Two seasons ago season a last minute header from Leon Legg completed an amazing Brentford comeback which saw the Bees come back from 3-0 at half time to draw 3-3 sparking off a Smuginson-Robinson whinge-fest.

And last season, Clayton Donaldson went one better scoring a last minute winner for the Bees in a 3-2 victory to set Smuginson-Robinson off again.

Brentford fans have three main reasons for their hatred of Smuginson-Robinson.

1. His whinging
2. His whinging
and finally
3. His whinging

He always moans on about the size of Brentford’s playing budget being so large. Normally the day before and immediately after being beaten. Even in his comments before Sunday’s game, he described Brentford as

“.. a team with good players and a massive budget”.

But it’s not only us he moans about. He also moaned about Man City’s playing budget in a press conference after losing to QPR in the cup.

“I spent £35,000 on Charlie MacDonald and have got two 16-year-olds on the bench. Come and have a go at this, see how you feel. I can’t spend £100million on players in the transfer window. I might go and get one or two cheeky loans” he said.

He even moaned about not being able to compete with Swindon town recently.

Obviously suffering from amnesia, he probably forgot that he was given one of the biggest budgets in league 1 only a few seasons back in yet another of his unsuccessful bids for promotion from this league.

With the Winkleman jacking up the Franchise FC (aka MK Dons) budget, they signed Alan Smith from Newcastle in 2012. Franchise FC (aka MK Dons) apparently initially contributed £2.5k a week to Smith’s £60k a week wage when he was on loan to them the previous season. Who knows what they paid him when he signed for them fully (£8k a week is a rumour).

So sure was he that he was going to get promoted that season with their big name players and considerable budget (they lost out in the playoffs the year before), Robinson got his Smuginson nickname. He saw the smug smile quickly wiped off his face when Jordan Rhodes’ goal in the playoff semi final 2nd leg at Huddersfield was enough to ensure that, despite winning the match, Franchise FC didn’t make the short trip to a Wembley that year.

Winkleman, obviously fed up of continually throwing massive funds at an unsuccessful team, subsequently cut the Franchise FC (aka MK Dons) playing budget – giving Smuginson-Robinson even more to moan about.

On top of his constant whinging, Smuginson-Robinson has also been known with having a go at … Well anyone he feels like really.

He had a go at Oldham manager Lee Johnson recently for getting Oldham’s game against Franchise FC (aka MK Dons) postponed due to international call-ups. Smuginson-Robinson made his feelings known via mobile phone.

“I answered thinking ‘don’t shout at me'”, said Johnson. “He said I’d (Johnson) got 30-odd players. I haven’t. I had to calm him down”.

Smuginson-Robinson also had a pop at a supporter in the Braemar Rd terrace during and after the game last season quite literally offering him our for a fight – very peculiar behaviour for a professional football manager.

Then to add insult to injury, after the match Smuginson-Robinson accused Brentford fans of attacking him with a beer glass. The accusation was denied by Brentford CEO Mark Devlin and pooh poohed after CCTV footage was reviewed.

So the return of Smuginson-Robinson is bound to be an interesting affair. Always a tough game, we can never take anything for granted with these Franchise boys.

And it’s like a no-win situation for Brentford fans. Because whether we win or lose, we know for a fact we won’t hear the last of it from the miserable whinging ‘the whole world’s against me’ Karl Smuginson Robinson.

But with 3 points in the bag I guess we can just about put up with his whinging for another few months.