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The Beesotted crew Billy TheBee Grant. Dave Laney Lane and Matt The Allard Allard hooked up in the virtual joint to discuss all things Brentford

On the agenda this week:

Brentford’s 1-0 win at Blackburn. It wasn’t pretty. But was this the Plan B that Brentford have needed for a long time?

Norgaard is back. Did him starting with Janelt work for Brentford?

They also discussed the unscientific poll Beesotted conducted after the match in which we asked a number of Bees fans to predict the result of Brentford’s final 11 matches.

And with the points total, we estimated where The Bees would finish by taking an average of all the previous six seasons coming to the conclusion that 89 points on average would get you to second place. We also compared the predictions to stats site Five Thirty Eight who has predicted that 86 points would get you 2nd place this season.

We let you know what percentage felt Brentford would not make the 86 point total. What percentage thought they would do better. And who thought they would be flying.

Five Thirty Eight predicted end of season Championship Table – Mar 14th 2021



Infogol Championship slope chart with xG justice league and predicted positions – 13th Mar 2021

Check out the article on Beesotted on Monday with the full set of results from the fan poll on how many points Brentford will amass this season.

Plus JB with his facts and funk – Brentford’s current 66 points. How good is that actually compared to other Championship seasons?

And Justin Peach from The Second Tier Podcast gives us the lowdown on Derby County who Brentford play on Tuesday