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Beesotted contributor Jason Wils isn’t quite sure how everyone feels about this… but could Mikkel Damsgaard prove to be our best ever signing?

It seems we have been going on this upward trajectory in terms of our clubs status, and our player profile for some time now, with every passing season, we are just getting better and better.

In recent times we have managed to sell our best players for a good profit, and with great skill found good value, in unheard of players, and in turn making household names out of them.

But as it’s been mentioned recently there has been a shift in approach? Yes we are still trying to source those hidden gems, but we are also now buying off the peg… So to speak.

The sums of money getting banded around is just incredible, considering It doesn’t seem that long ago, that our biggest ever signing was for Hermann a snip at £750,000 back in 98.

Since then free transfers and loans became the bedrock of our dealings, but just look how far we have come, with not just one but two players at £16m + purchased in just one summer window, it’s truly pinch yourself time.

We know the price of a player doesn’t always guarantee quality or success, but with our strategy of buying young hungry players, and a no d*ck head policy we seem to be doing ok.

Our profile has definitely gone up since ‘CE’ came and went in a blink of an eye, and I think now we are starting to see some of that butterfly affect, that deep down we all hoped would happen.

But this Damsgaard signing feels different, ok it will be said he has his injury issues, but none the less we have just signed a player who was bossing it at the Euros just a short time ago.

I’m sure he is not going to be just a tournament man, there seem to be much more about him, I have kept my feelings to a minimum just incase he didn’t sign, but I can honestly say I can’t remember being this excited about a player coming to our club for a very long time, if ever.

If he can hit the ground running he has the potential not only to elevate the team, but to take our club to that next level, it really feels like a moment in time. When you look back and say that was a turning point.

I feel we are like one of those explorers that has just reached the top of a mountain, we have had a good look around, and taken in the view, but now it’s time to look for our next big adventure, our next challenge! Our next mountain!

I always said that this transfer window would be our most important yet, not only in terms of becoming an established Premier League side, but also to layout a marker for a future pathway for the team, and club.

I truly believe Phil Giles and the club have managed to do that. It’s exciting times for us all, this dream of ours is in no way stopping or slowing down, let the good times roll….

Come on you Bees 🐝🐝

Jason Wils