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International break over. Millwall’s visit to Griffin Park on the horizon.

The Beesotted crew met in the George IV pub in Chiswick talking all sorts in a debate that got heated at times.

QPR ticket sales. With Rangers refusing to sell the lower tier for the second season in a row, there is another stand-off with fans refusing to purchase tickets until they go on sale. Who will be the first to give in?

How many points will Brentford pick up between now and the next international window? Last time it was 5 out of 15.

England players were racially abused in Bulgaria. A lot of finger pointing. But what are we doing in the UK to combat racism and prejudice in and around football clubs? Are clubs like Brentford really getting to the bottom of tackling any racism and prejudice that may be wafting around their clubs?

Black History Month. What back Brentford players do the Beesotted crew celebrate this Black History Month?

Plus we get the lowdown from Harry Warren from Millwall Podcast Achtung Millwallabout the Lions

In the pub

Billy The Bee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Ali Mullaley

Gary GP Paul

0 m – Intro

3 m 30 sec – Sergi Canos. QPR ticket sale fiasco

21 m 34 sec – How many points will Brentford get between now and the next international break? Will it be better than the last 5/15?

35 min 02 sec – International football – racism in Bulgaria. A clip from Monday’s Beesotted radio show which followed the racism unfolding in Bulgaria live. That was followed by a general discussion on racism in football. And the Beesotted crew brought it down club level – asking whilst we are pointing fingers abroad, are the clubs doing all the can to ensure than racism and prejudice is stamped out in this country. Is Brentford – with their new hard line diversity policy – really effectively dealing with any racism or prejudice that may be happening in and around the club? Or is it all just high profile media PR?

55 min 15 sec – Black History Month – the Beesotted crew choose the Brentford players who made an impact on them as we celebrate Black History month

1 hr 15 min 07 sec – Harry Warren (@block45lion) from podcast Achtung Millwall gives us the lowdown on Millwall

1 hr 23 min 39 sec – Beesotted crew chat Millwall. Plus we discuss the blue shirt Brentford players will be wearing for the Millwall match as part of the Farewell Griffin Park celebrations

1 hr 37 min 35 sec – END