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Brentford put the defeat agains Nottingham Forest behind them to rack up a 5-1 victory up at Hull.

The Beesotted crew met in The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith to discuss all things Brentford including:

How good was the Hull defeat in reality

100% Brentford. Have the pundits and media bods shifted done an 180 degree shift with Brentford now – over egging our performances and stating how good we actually are?

Benrahma. Was his performance against Hull really a 10/10 performance as logged by whoscored.com?

What is a fair result – as logged by Infogol? Was Brentford’s Hull result the fairest result EVER?

Brentford goalkeeper David Raya’s own goal. Will this will the ‘best own goal of the season’ competition? What own goals do the Beesotted crew remember from back in the years?

Plus we discuss Leeds match against Nottingham Forest at the weekend. And look at how Brentford are shaping up compared to promotion rivals including the signing of Baptiste and Fosu.
And we speak to Andy from Boro podcast Smoggy Scholars

In the pub

Billy The Bee Grant
Matt The Allard Allard
Gary GP Paul
Martin The Dutchman Holland

0 min – Intro
5 m 48 secs – Hull and Brentford fans from the pub
9 min 53 secs – Brentford ranking 100% in the infogol fairness chart. What is a fair result? Benrahma gets 10/10 in Whoscored.com. The Beesotted crew’s favourite own goals
29 min 27 sec – Leeds play Forest at the weekend. What is the best result for Brentford. How are The Bees’ promotion rivals shaping up and how will the Bees’ new signings Baptiste and Fosu fit it?
1 hr 06 min 16 sec – Andy from Boro podcast Smoggy Scholars gives us his Boro update
1 hr 13 min 07 sec – Beesotted crew chat Boro match
1 hr 26 min 24 sec – END