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On the train ride up to Wigan, Brentford fans were debating. Which Brentford side – Jekyll or Hyde – would turn out today at the DW Stadium?

After last week’s creditable performance against The Geordies, we were certain that the Bees had turned a corner and would put on a show against relegation-threatened Wigan.

As it goes, if it were Dr Jekyll who turned up at Griffin Park last week, it was definitely Mr Hyde who graced the turf of Wigan yesterday as Brentford turned out yet another performance to forget.

As we were deliberating the day’s potential line-up as we passed through Warrington, the news came through that Scott Hogan was not going to play due to his agent ‘turning his head’ with a phone call the night before the match. That immediately sparked the debate – how much is the Hogan debacle really disrupting the side?

We played with gusto against Eastleigh. OK it was only Eastleigh. But still we played well. And we had a very good – and if not unlucky – second half against Newcastle. In both matches we showed that we could play football without our star player.

But there’s no doubt Hogan is key. And there is an argument to say if he actually came on against Newcastle we would have got at least a point – if not all three.

But according to the latest bombshell, Hogan wasn’t played against Newcastle and Wigan for the same reason. His head wasn’t in the right place because he had been told my his agent a bid was imminent.

We have put our ears to the ground, and we from what we have heard there is no bid imminent and – unless something drastically changes in the next few days – Hogan will be with Brentford at least until we play Chelsea if not beyond.

So back to Saturday’s match.

Brentford were awful. It was like they couldn’t be bothered. They didn’t challenge. They didn’t fight. It was like they didn’t want to get hurt.

We thought it may have been down to the players having their eyes on the Chelsea cup match next week. But Wigan also have a big cup game next weekend – away to Man United – so their players had as much incentive not to get injured as ours.

The difference.

Wigan team are obviously focussed on battling their way out of relegation. Whereas the Brentford team obviously think that – bar the Chelsea match – the season is over as they showed no cohesion. Or fight. Or passion. Or anything really.

Wigan out-battled us in midfield with Sam Morsey – recalled this week from a loan spell at Barnsley – running the show and scoring a brace. To add salt to the wound it was ex Brentford striker’s Will Grigg’s shot that was saved by Bentley which teed up Morsey to score his second goal as the Brentford defence was caught napping.

Looking at the stats, you would have been led to believe that Brentford were in this match all the way. 56% possession. 11 shots to Wigan’s 15 and both sides had 4 shots on target.

But those figures hide the fact that Wigan showed more drive and determination to take all three points.

So would Scott Hogan being in the side have made any difference?

Looking at our abject performances against teams like Norwich and Cardiff, I’m not too sure.

If Hogan is to turn up, it’s important for the rest of the team to turn up with him surely?

Saying that, I would be very surprised if this whole Scott Hogan nonsense isn’t upsetting the side.

But maybe Hogan actually turning up would help to galvanise and motivate the side.

On paper, our team going into Saturday’s match against Chelsea is stronger than our Uwe Rosler’s Division 1 team that went toe to toe with Chelsea in the same round of the cup at Griffin Park four years ago. But I can feel a massive difference emanating from the Brentford camp this time around.

There doesn’t seem to be the same unity, passion and belief going into this match. Before that game, even though we were just a decent Division 1 side, there was a real feeling we could beat anyone. We were going to give Chelsea a match. There was a real vibe around the club. And around the team. Something that is sadly missing at the moment.

Yes we sold out 6000 tickets in 32 seconds for this game. But I am yet to meet anyone who sees the day out at Chelsea as more than … well … a day out really. And quite a few have been talking about ‘damage limitation’ already – trying to ensure that we don’t get beat by too much.

We weren’t thinking that way four years ago.

Does this squad have the same vibe as the squad back in that day? Because that togetherness can turn an mixed-ability set of players into worldbeaters.

Maybe the Scott Hogan scenario has shown highlighted a deeper set of issues around Brentford. Him not playing on Saturday was 100% selfish. What about the team? What about the club? What about the fans?

Excuse me but is Hogan still not a Brentford player?

Are we – the fans – not paying his wages while he feels ‘not in a fit state to play’?

Were Brentford not the club to pluck him out of 2nd division Rochdale. Put faith in him. Paid for 18 months of expensive treatment. Nurtured him and paid his salary for 18 months while he was out of work. Stuck with him even though many teams would have written him off after two pretty horrendous injuries?

Don’t get me wrong. Hogan is a quality player. But I find it really sad when a player can go from hero to zero in the eyes of a fair few fans we have spoken to in such a short space of time due to the way he has mismanaged his impending exit from the club

The fact that I’m even asking these questions is ludicrous.

Would Scott Hogan made any difference to the side? Of course he would.

Should Scott Hogan have played against Wigan? Of course he should.

Should Scott Hogan be on the team sheet against Chelsea? Of course he should.

But what’s the point in putting him in the side if he really can’t be bothered?

It’s a ballache for Brentford. As he obviously makes a huge difference to the side. In the same way that Jonjo Shelvey and Dwight Gayle makes a huge difference to the Newcastle side.

So moving forward what do we do? It’s damage limitation.

Unless there is a sharp change in mindset from Hogan, we will undoubtedly march onto to Stamford Bridge next week not fielding our strongest team.

Is that fair on his team mates or the fans? Not really.

But that may not be the worst of our problems.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, I believe we have the players to play well and put in good shift. OK we may not be a top six side. But we can beat any decent Championship and lower Premier League side on our day. It’s whether we can show that determination on the pitch week in and week out is the question.

More importantly, if Brentford don’t sort out their consistency, stop making silly mistakes and continues to show the same passion-less performances that we showed against Wigan – that may or may not have been Scott Hogan-influenced – they could soon find themselves swapping places with Wigan battling it out at the bottom end of the table.

Billy Grant